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One of our most popular house plans of 2023

Our Most Popular House Plans of 2023

Looking back at a fantastic year for us at Pacific Homes, we wanted to figure out exactly which of our home plans are being viewed, asked about and built the most. Speaking with our build specialists who are working alongside our clients, creating dream houses every day, we landed on… Read More

Building prefab homes in Alaska

Building Prefab Homes in Alaska

Building a home in Alaska presents several challenges due to its short build season. Prefabricated or modular construction are popular solutions for Alaskan homeowners, but prefab homes offer many advantages that make them a better choice.

kit homes in california

Building Kit Homes In California

Kit homes, also known as prefab homes, are becoming increasingly popular in California, and Pacific Homes has experience helping builders and homeowners with the process. They are familiar with the specific challenges of building a home in the state, and can provide guidance throughout.

Advantages of Building a Kit Home

The Advantages of Building a Kit Home

Kit homes, also known as panelized prefabricated homes, are an increasingly popular form of home construction. Wall components are constructed off-site and shipped to the site for assembly. Pacific Homes has been a leader in this field since 1981, and this post highlights the benefits of working with their team to make a kit home rather than using more traditional methods.

How To Build Your Dream Home On A Budget

Pacific Homes’ design team can help create architectural plans that will stay within budget while still meeting all of your desired requirements for your dream home, as demonstrated in the latest promotional video.

Pender Plans

The Perfect Summer Cottage House Plans

The Pacific Homes design team has created nine home plans ideal for summer cottages, perfect for enjoying quality time with family in a more intimate setting. These plans are a great starting point for customizing the perfect summer cottage.

Sips vs Pacific Smart Wall

Comparing The Pacific SmartWall® and SIPs

This post explains the differences between Pacific SmartWall® and structural insulated panels (SIPs), and why Pacific SmartWall® is the better choice for building a home. Key differences between the two walls are highlighted, showcasing the advantages of choosing Pacific SmartWall® over SIPs.

Building The Perfect Home To Retire In

Building The Perfect Home To Retire In

Pacific Homes offers build specialists to help people plan, design and build a home to settle down and retire in. The specialists focus on building a home that is of quality and will age gracefully with its inhabitants, allowing them to age in place.