Building prefab homes in Alaska

Building Prefab Homes in Alaska

There are many obstacles to be considered as a home builder in the State of Alaska. Alaska has a very short build season due to its harsh weather through the winter months. For this reason, it is important to make the most of the prime building season. Naturally, this reality… Read More

kit homes in california

Building Kit Homes In California

The practice of building kit homes in California is becoming more and more common with each passing year. Kit homes, also known as prefab homes, are the perfect option for those looking to build their home in California. Pacific Homes has a lot of experience working with builders and home… Read More

Advantages of Building a Kit Home

The Advantages of Building a Kit Home

Kit homes, also known as panelized prefabricated homes, are an innovative method of home construction and are becoming much more common throughout the industry. What makes kit homes different from other forms of construction is that kit homes have wall components constructed off-site before they are shipped off to the… Read More

How To Build Your Dream Home On A Budget

  As was showcased in our most recent promotional video, everyone has their individualized vision for their future dream home. Often, however, including everything that you want in your home feels impossible while staying under budget. Working with Pacific Homes’ expert design team, you can create a set of architectural… Read More

Pender Plans

The Perfect Summer Cottage House Plans

The Perfect Summer Cottage House Plans With the summer heat sweltering, there is no better place to be than at your personal summer cottage with family. Whether that second residence is by the lake or near the coast somewhere, time spent in that more intimate setting will always be something… Read More

Sips vs Pacific Smart Wall

Comparing The Pacific SmartWall® and SIPs

A common misconception about our Pacific SmartWall® is that it is functionally the same as structural insulated panels (SIPs). In reality, there are some key differences between the two walls and some major advantages in choosing to build your home with Pacific SmartWalls® rather than building with SIPs. This post… Read More

Building The Perfect Home To Retire In

Building The Perfect Home To Retire In

Many people we work with aren’t just building a home to live in for a short time, they are building a home to settle down and retire in. Throughout the entire process of planning, designing and building your home, it is essential to focus on how your home will age… Read More

Environmentally Friendly Home

Why Building Prefab is Environmentally Friendly

One aspect of our business that we are very proud of at Pacific Homes is that we offer a more sustainable building solution in comparison with traditional stick-frame home building. Choosing to build a prefabricated (or prefab) home with Pacific Homes is an environmentally friendly choice that you can feel… Read More