Can I really build it by myself?

Yes, although you will probably want to get a helping hand or two. Each Pacific Homes package includes everything you need to build one of our homes. We pre-assemble and number the panel, so all you have to do is follow our simple plans to completion.


Can I build a custom home?

Custom is our specialty. All we need is your ideas, either from scratch or revisions to existing plans, or even the plans you may already have and we’ll take care of all the necessary drawings and engineering to give you the unique home you want.


What about the foundation?

Foundations must be done separately – either by yourself, or by a contractor. We do, however, provide all the necessary drawings and support to ensure that your new home package is built properly.


What about coordinating wiring and plumbing?

Many sub-trades are experienced in building panelized homes, and because Pacific Homes houses go up much faster than conventional stick-framed houses, it is easier to schedule the sub-trades.


How and where can you ship a Pacific Homes package?

Pacific Homes can ship anywhere in the world that is served by container ship, or by road. We pack everything you need into containers or on a truck at our plant and coordinate a delivery to fit your schedule.


How long does it take before my Pacific Home is ready to ship?

6-8 weeks is the typical period of time needed to ship your home, once the contract is signed and financing is in place.


Will Pacific Homes provide financing?

Because of Pacific Homes’ reputation, financing is much easier for our clients to obtain, and we have plenty of experience dealing with banks on your behalf. Banks prefer package homes and are comfortable dealing with a large, established company like Pacific Homes that guarantees they will supply all the materials for a set price.


Are there warranties on Pacific Homes?

All manufactured components are guaranteed to fit exactly as per your plans, and engineered for their particular usage. Other components, such as siding, windows, roofing, etc., are covered by their original manufacturers’ warranties, as per industry standards.


What are the savings over a conventionally framed house?

Homes constructed with panels can save up to two-thirds of the normal time it would take to build a stick-framed house. By using our trusses and wall panels, a 16% savings in total labor and material can be utilized. Faster building time also allows for added savings on interest and quicker mortgage draws. After all, time is money.


Our plans or yours, we build them all!

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