Our guaranteed package prices are locked in before any construction is done. This minimizes costly overruns while providing shorter build times. Building one of our custom prefab homes also has fewer labour requirements, reduces material waste and long term energy savings. Each of these factors will save you money in the long run and the locked in price will make the process less stressful as well.



We build every major component of our homes in a climate controlled environment with premium lumber. This creates less warping, splitting, shrinking, drywall cracks, nail popping and mold related issues in your finished home. State of the art, computerized equipment used during manufacturing identify potential flaws prior to construction.


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Because of our exclusive Pacific SmartWalls, we build up to 128% more energy efficient homes compared to our competitors. Your home’s energy consumption can be further reduced with many optional additions that can be included in your custom home plans. Details like opting for the most energy efficient lighting with LED lighting, choosing top of the line heat pumps, ventilation systems and water heating will all contribute to this effect. The result will be that you can reduce energy costs by ensuring your energy bills will be lower for years to come.



Pacific Homes are prefab kit homes, meaning we build wall components at our climate controlled facility before they are then delivered and assembled on site. This makes the building process much faster. It also simplifies the on site building process as much of the construction is already completed beforehand. Unlike with modular homes, this building system doesn’t limit your options, you can design and build the exact home you’ve dreamed of.


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We take environmental sustainability seriously, providing practical, affordable custom solutions that make Pacific Homes among the ‘greenest’ available. Our Pacific SmartWalls’ superior energy efficiency reduces your home’s energy consumption going forward. We also offer limitless options you can add to make your home even more environmentally friendly. Options such as installing solar panels or choosing certain windows all contribute to this cause.



You can bring a plan to us or we can design a custom plan for you. Our in house, expert design team has worked with many clients like you and know how to turn your vision into a reality. We can create and engineer any design with use of our Pacific SmartWall System. That is the power of Pacific Homes.




It is important to us that we build a close relationship with you. This way, you can communicate and be involved throughout every step of the building process. Our expert build specialists are happy to answer any questions you may ever have. We want you to not only be satisfied with your home, but also the process of building it along the way.



Once all of the components of your home are completed, they are then packaged and delivered right to your property. We have built homes in countries all around the world and delivered homes to some very remote locations. Your home will be delivered to wherever you are.

Our plans or yours, we build them all!

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