At Pacific Homes, we are committed to building green. We prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility in everything we do while maintaining very high building standards. One way we do this is by building panelized prefab homes. It is a highly efficient method of building that reduces waste, saves energy, and minimizes the impact on the environment.

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This approach involves building the individual wall panels of a home off site at our facility in British Columbia, Canada. Our manufacturing plant uses a computerized saw to minimize the amount of wood waste throughout every stage of construction. These panels are then assembled into an energy ready home on site by an independent contractor. Building prefab greatly reduces both the hours of construction needed on site and the immediate impact on the surrounding built environment.

The environmental benefits of working with Pacific Homes go beyond the just the construction phase. Our Pacific SmartWall® technology is up to 128% more efficient when compared to traditional walls, reducing energy demand. They therefore require less energy to heat and cool for years to come. As an added bonus, this results in lower energy costs for the homeowner and a high level of air quality. Our unique wall system also has the benefit that you can customize any aspect of it. Every detail of your home can be focused on minimizing environmental impact if you so choose.

smartwall advantages

Due to these factors, Pacific Homes is the perfect partner for those wanting to build a passive house. Also called net zero homes, they are defined as a home that produces as much renewable energy as it consumes. Therefore, they have a net energy consumption of zero. These homes are designed to be energy ready and often feature solar panels, wind turbines, and/or geothermal systems. To reach passive house standards, they must be built with energy efficient walls, such as The Pacific SmartWall®.

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To be qualified as a passive house or building, very high standards must be met. To reach this high level of energy efficiency, less primary energy must be used to heat and cool the living space. Along with the walls, high performing windows and doors improve the whole system’s heat recovery. It is also important to eliminate thermal bridges throughout the entire build. Once this is accomplished, home owners need to choose features that will replenish the energy that the home uses.

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Many of our clients include renewable energy sources such as solar panels as a part of their custom home package. Solar panels allow homeowners to generate their own electricity. They can be placed on its roof or detached from the home somewhere else on the property. Solar Panels reduce the house’s reliance on the grid and lowers their energy bills. We work closely with our clients to design homes that are energy efficient and incorporate renewable energy sources. Building sustainable homes ensures they are energy ready and can adapt to future changes in energy demand.

Pacific Homes Is a member of Built Green Canada and the Canadian Green Building Council. We have also been used in both LEED, Built Green and EnerGuide 80 accredited homes. Additionally, our Pacific SmartWall® system was independently tested by BCIT for over one year, with outstanding results in energy efficiency. Working with Pacific homes will allow you to build a net zero home or simply reduce your impact on the environment. No matter your goals, we will help you reach them.

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