Pacific Homes

We take environmental sustainability seriously. We provide practical, affordable custom solutions that make Pacific Homes among the ‘greenest’ available.

From design and manufacturing to delivery and construction, a Pacific Home is the result of commitment to doing things the right way.

Building Green


Every Pacific Home comes with green credentials and we’ll tailor your custom home package to incorporate as many sustainable features as you want. From solar power to grey water recovery – with Pacific Homes anything is possible.

Pacific Homes Is a member of Built Green Canada and the Canadian Green Building Council, and have been used in both LEED, Built Green and EnerGuide 80 accredited homes. Additionally, our Pacific SmartWall® system was independently tested by BCIT for over one year, with outstanding results in energy efficiency.

Pacific Homes – ahead of the curve. Naturally!

Why We’re Green!

A Pacific Homes’ custom home package creates a smaller environmental footprint than traditional building. Pacific Homes uses state of the art technology in its design and manufacturing processes – this reduces waste, both in production and on site.

Additionally, Pacific Homes takes pride in using the most innovative, environmentally responsible materials and products available.

Energy Efficiency:

  • Pacific SmartWall® – up to 128% more effective R-value than a conventional 2×6 wall
  • Pacific SmartWall® – exceeds EnerGuide 80 requirement for air tightness
  • Energy Star Low E windows – reduce heat loss/heat gain

Technological Advantage:

  • Laser projection, computer assisted saws and auto set jigs reduce waste – approximately 10 cubic yards of waste that normally occurs when building a new home
  • Integrated electronic scheduling – less waste in production and on site, with less overall vehicle emissions
  • State of the art design means problems resolved before construction begins

Green Building Materials:

  • PinkWood Engineered Wood Products
  • Wood from sustainable sources
  • Use of recycled materials where possible – fiber cement siding, mouldings, etc
  • Over 90% of our production waste is recycled by local companies

Our plans our yours, we build them all!

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