Step 1
Step 1

Contact Us

Let's get acquainted

It's always great to touch base first. From this initial contact either via email or phone, we can more easily ascertain your needs and help guide you along the remaining steps.
Step 2
Step 2

Create, Choose Or
Submit a Plan

Yours or ours, let's build your dream

Bring us your architects plans, choose and customize from our vast selection of home plans, or work with us to design your own home plan.
Step 3
Step 3

and Planning

Let's get our ducks in a row

Meet with one of our experienced building and planning experts to work out all the essential details to make your home or commercial building project proceed as seamlessly as possible. We're happy to give you a tour.
Step 4
Step 4


Crunching the numbers

Out of our collaborative planning and consultation sessions, we can start pulling the numbers together to give you the most accurate estimate possible on your building project.
Step 5
Step 5


Time to get started

Once the estimates have been reviewed and approved, it's time to put a little bit of cash down to get the wheels in motion.
Step 6
Step 6

We Fabricate
Your Home

Where the magic happens

This is where your dream really starts to take shape. Sit back, relax and watch us work our magic; building all the components for your new home.
Step 7
Step 7

We Deliver
Your New Home

You name it, we'll get it there

Whether you're in the tropics, or living in the north pole, we lovingly pack up your new build and get it to you no matter where you are.
Step 8

1. Contact Us

Our process cannot begin unless you take that first step and reach out to us. Contact us here and let us know where you’re building as well as a little more about your unique situation. We will then connect you with the Build Specialist that will lead you throughout the home building process. This will be your point of contact for anything you need to know. We are happy to get on a call with you, set up a video call, or simply converse over email about what you are looking to build.



2. Design A Plan

Whether it’s one of our floor plans or yours, we build absolutely any home design. Because we build panelized prefabricated homes using our Pacific SmartWall System, our expert design team can work with you to create the perfect house for you. Unlike modular construction, we are not bound by any square feet limitations. Together with you, throughout every step of the design process, we will design the perfect set of home plans for you.


3. Consulting and Planning

This stage is when we work out all of the logistics related to building your home. It is ensured that all of your local codes, such as engineering specifics, mechanical system and energy efficiency requirements are met. Other important details, such as your delivery schedule, are also decided upon. Everything is planned out stringently to ensure that the entire process of building your prefab home goes as smoothly as possible.




4. Estimate Costs

Once all of those boxes have been checked, the project is then handed off to our estimating team. This is the stage when the exact cost of your Pacific Homes package is calculated. These costs are dependent on many factors such as the cost of building materials, shipping and labour.


5. Deposit

Once the cost is decided and agreed upon, this is when we will take the first payment, in form of your initial deposit. It is important to note that from this point forward, the price of your Pacific Homes package is locked in. This means that you will not be surprised by any additional, unforeseen costs due to anything like a change in the price of lumber, or any additional labour that may be needed in the construction process.



6. Building Your Custom Home

With everything planned and figured out beforehand, it is now the time for us to start constructing your custom home. When most people think of prefabricated homes, they first think of prefab modular homes. Our panelized prefab homes are quite different. We build wall components in our climate controlled, state-of-the-art facility in British Columbia, Canada. These components are shipped disassembled before they are then assembled on site to create your completely custom home.


7. Delivering Your Dream Home

Once every component is built and packaged together, they are then delivered, often in a sequenced number of truckloads, to you. Because of how they are built and bundled, Pacific Homes can be shipped anywhere. No matter where you are located or how remote your lot may be, we can get your home package to you.