Pacific SmartWall® is a prefabricated wall system that simplifies your build and offers significant advantages over other construction methods. Proven increases in thermal efficiency and air tightness combined with increased indoor air quality, reduced sound transmission and shorter framing times- that’s the Pacific SmartWall® Advantage.

The Pacific SmartWall® System is framed in 2×6, 2×8 or 2×10 widths.

There are a number of wall systems on the market offering increased energy efficiency, such as SIPS or ICF. But these other systems are expensive, change the way the home is constructed and make finishing or modifying the home a potential challenge. The Pacific SmartWall® is a conventionally framed wall, with a few key additions. Yet home builders benefit from significantly reduced framing times and cost – up to 40% cheaper per square foot than ICF.

Increased energy efficiency will continue to be a focus in new home construction. Pacific Homes always builds with the latest products and technology available, ensuring we’re ahead of the curve. Pacific SmartWall® is a result of that commitment.