The Pacific SmartWall is just as the name implies, it is a smart wall system. We build the prefab wall panels in Canada and deliver anywhere in the world. Our prefabricated wall panels have superior thermal efficiency and air tightness, reducing sound transmission. It will also shorten framing time, getting the job done times faster than traditional stick frame builds.

There are a number of wall systems on the market offering increased energy efficiency, such as SIPS. These other systems are expensive and change the way the home is built. Building with engineered wall panels requires fewer steps and are much simpler to modify at any time. Our walls are similar to conventional framed walls, with a few key additions.

SmartWall infographic


How it Works


Our walls are designed to minimize thermal bridging. This is the amount of wood directly between inside and outside temperatures. Reducing the wood being used as a thermal bridge, they insulate much better than a standard 2×6 wall. Our wall panels have insulation routered into the wood. Heat loss within the wall cavity is minimized which reaches a more constant R value.

Our wall panels eliminate the ‘dew point’ and reduce the chance of moisture building up in the wall cavity. SmartWall installation is as quick as the building process, with a wire channel built into every wall. Once delivered, assembly is simple. The panels fit together with the floor joists, trusses and each other as easily as a tongue and groove system.

Our Pacific SmartWall’s panels were tested for a full year at BCIT’s Cold Weather Testing Facility. In those tests, they showed superior energy efficiency and reduced moisture build up over time.


2x6 R22 Pacific Smartwall Diagram

2x8 R28 Pacific Smartwall Diagram

2x10 R36 Pacific Smartwall Diagram

Pacific SmartWall® Advantage



In comparison with the conventional 2×6 wood frame wall, our homes have considerably less heat loss and gain. A Pacific Home will use significantly less energy to heat and cool, year after year. This will save you money every year that you live in your home.


We use expanded polystyrene, the most cost effective insulation material, in our walls. Clean, non-toxic, and fire retardant, it does not contain or release any CFC’s or other gases.


As a result of our high quality building process, a Pacific Home has reduced sound transmission and less air infiltration. Laboratory tests show that our walls have significantly lower air leakage than that of a conventional wall.


Quick, and simple construction at the job site means your home can be locked up in a matter of days. This reduces the labour, materials costs and waste and ensures that the house is also quickly protected from any harmful weather.


Unlike other types of insulation, there is no sagging or deterioration in the insulation of our prefab wall panels.


A continual 2″ x 3″ horizontal mounting area makes it easier to hang drywall, cabinetry and decorations.


Precision is a Pacific Homes specialty. Our walls are built in our factory to exact specifications, utilizing modern construction technology and machinery.

Our plans or yours, we build them all!

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