The most top of mind and important step of our custom home building process is the physical fabrication of the home. Unlike many other custom home builders, Pacific Homes build prefab panelized homes or kit homes. As one of very few home builders on Vancouver Island, or the rest of British Columbia, that uses this innovative method of construction, our homes can achieve a superior level of quality.



What makes Pacific Homes unique is how our homes are built and assembled. Traditional, stick framed houses are entirely constructed and assembled on the job site. In contrast, prefab modular homes are entirely constructed off site before they are shipped to the job site. Both of these methods have their advantages but also their limitations.

Pacific homes combines the advantages of custom, stick framed homes with completely prefabricated homes. We build the wall panels of our custom homes in BC, Canada at our state of the art facility. Those components are then packaged and shipped worldwide to your lot, no matter how distant or remote. Once delivered, these prefab wall panels are then assembled on site to create your dream home.


Environmentally Friendly Pacific Truss Plant




Having our expert builders do the majority of the construction off site at our facility is advantageous in many ways.

  • Climate Controlled: Major components of the home are built in climate controlled environment. We also use the highest quality lumber and building materials available. These factors result in less warping, splitting, shrinking, drywall cracks, nail popping, or mold related issues in your finished home.
  • Cost Savings: Our guaranteed package price minimizes costly overruns. Having an agreed upon price allows you peace of mind throughout the entire home building experience. Our streamlined process requires less labour, and those cost savings directly save you money.
  • Superior Quality Control: All components are engineered with computer assisted 3D Design Software. This identifies potential design flaws or any other issues that are then dealt with before construction begins. The process of building the custom home is then done in our facility, guided by computerized equipment. This way, it is assured that every panel is built to exact specifications.
  • Pacific SmartWall® Technology: Building with our exclusive Pacific SmartWall System means that your home will have superior energy efficiency. It has been proven to achieve a 128% more effective R-value when compared with traditionally insulated walls. Its air tight insulation also results in better noise reduction and improved air quality.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Building the majority of a project in a controlled environment eliminates a significant amount of material waste. We also make every effort to use materials that are sourced in environmentally friendly ways. Beyond the building process, our excellent energy efficiency means that less energy is used to heat and cool the home. These energy savings will not only help the planet, but will also save you money over time.


Loaded Pacific Homes truck being craned to a mountainside location


Potentially the greatest advantage of our building method is that it allows us to build completely custom homes. Any detail that you want, we can build it. If you already have something designed, bring to us and we can take it to our engineering team. If not, and you are still in need of inspiration, we can design a custom plan together with you. We have an experienced design team that will make your vision a reality.

Our plans or yours, we build them all!

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