This timeline will go through Pacific Homes’ history as a company and how we have grown as an experienced home builder in British Columbia, Canada.



Ken McKinnon founded Pacific Builders’ Supplies Ltd., selling a variety of building materials in the Cowichan Valley, BC.

Innovation - 1st store building



We purchase the first delivery truck for Pacific Builders’ Supplies. This allows us to serve the entirety of Vancouver Island.

Innovation - First Delivery Truck



Pacific Builders’ Supplies expands to a new location to meet our growing demand.

Innovation - New Store with McKinnon Family



Ken McKinnon founded Pacific Truss, which makes it the oldest truss manufacturer on Vancouver Island.

Innovation - Building a Truss



Ken founds Pacific Homes and develops a unique custom home building process. This process of home design as a prefab custom home builder in BC made us unique within our industry. It also established the standard that Pacific Homes still carries forward today. Our first prefabricated home package was built and delivered on site in Terrace, BC.

Innovation - Ariel photo of Pacifc Yard



Pacific Building Supplies Ltd. becomes one of only four building supplies stores in Canada to pioneer a computer system. The computer system was created for engineering and drafting in the truss division. This system was later integrated into our custom home building process.

Innovation - Old Computer Office



Pacific Homes ships its first home shipment across the Pacific Ocean to Japan. As a result, an international market that still exists today was established. In the years following, our network of relationships has further expanded to countries across the globe.

Innovation - 30th anniversary newspaper



Pacific Homes created its unique pre-insulated wall system that was later named the Pacific SmartWall ®. It reaches award winning levels of energy efficiencies all within a simple, prefab system.

2x6 Pacific SmartWall® System



The company purchases Truline Truss, located in Creston, BC. This was to expand volume in order to meet our consistently growing demand.

Truline Truss Plant



We built a new truss plant on location in Cobble Hill. This facility has state-of-the-art technology including a computerized linear saw, lasers to guide precise construction and a conveyor system to maximize efficiency. These innovations ensure the highest quality of product and are constantly being updated as technology advances.

Pacific Truss Plant



Pacific Homes and Truss build a new shipping warehouse, as well as a new loading bay. This expansion was done to better keep up with our increased number of international home shipments. Pacific Building Systems was also established as a corporate umbrella encompassing all our Pacific Group divisions.

The Pacific Homes and Truss Facilities



A sales office was opened in Langford, BC. Because of its close proximity to Victoria, BC, our Build Specialists can now better serve clients from this area.

Innovation - Langford Office



Pacific Homes, Pacific Truss and Truline Truss join the All-Fab Group. This partnership connects us with clients across Canada and beyond. They also provide years of building experience beyond our over 60 years operating out of Vancouver Island.



Pacific Homes Today:

Pacific Homes is thriving both locally and internationally as a result of its history of innovation. We continue to commit to the values that have propelled our company’s success throughout our over 60 year history.

Community involvement has always been fundamental to the Pacific Homes family of companies, its owners and employees. Pacific Homes has consistently committed to supporting youth sports programs as well as other local events and organizations.

2019 Staff Picture


Pacific Homes is a valued employer, community and business partner in the Cowichan Valley and beyond. If you have any questions about who we are or what we do, please reach out to us at anytime.

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