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One of the most FAQ’s that our build specialists at Pacific Homes receive is, how much does a custom design home cost? or What is the price per Square foot? This is not an easy question to answer because there are so many variables to consider. The cost of building a custom home design isn’t as easy as downloading a price “list” and providing you with those details. Our Pacific Homes build specialists need to ask questions about your project to fully understand the details of the build. Knowing where you are building, your design preferences, and your overall budget is key. Every one of our projects is completely unique and building costs are different depending on locations. Our build specialists work collaboratively with you, help discover solutions along the way and provide you with their expertise to help keep your budget on track.

What does it cost build a custom home per square foot?

We also are often asked: “What is the cost per square foot”?  This truly is not an easy question to answer as everyone one of our projects are unique. We look at every project individually. There are many different things that affect a price, from the complexity of the floor plan, to style of the design, to what building materials are being used on the project. Our dedicated team of build specialist will work with you to provide suggestions to try to get the most cost-effective solution that meets your needs.


Custom home building process

From the very early stages of design to working on the finishing touches of your home, our custom home building process is a collaborative effort with you, your architect, and the contractor. Please check out the following Pacific Homes Blog which will help you gain a understanding of who we are, what’s included, and the advanced technology we use to manufacture custom energy-efficient homes.

Once the architectural design is complete, the home goes into the hands of our design team to ensure that each engineering requirement matches the local building requirements. Once the Pacific design team has designed floors, walls, and trusses detailed in our advanced 3D Modeling software, it is then sent into production. Once our prefab building package arrives onsite, the wall raising can begin. The wall raising of our Pacific SmartWall® System is a very exciting time as you can see big progress in a matter of hours. Here is an example of one of our home’s walls and roofing going completely up in just 9 days!

Our dedicated Team

Every Pacific Homes homeowner will have their own build specialist, home package coordinator, and design team to work alongside you and the builder to ensure a seamless and stress-free build. Our build specialists are experts in the industry and can help answer any questions you have at each stage of your custom build process. For everything your dream home needs, our build specialists are here to help!

Our Dedicated Team

More About Pacific Homes

Pacific Homes designs, engineers, and manufactures panelized prefab homes that are offer sustainability, energy-efficiency, and a one stop shop for your custom home building project. Our energy efficient Pacific SmartWall System® is constructed indoors in a climate-controlled environment providing you with an airtight thermal envelope that will offer you comfort all year round.

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