As was showcased in our most recent promotional video, everyone has their individualized vision for their future dream home. Often, however, including everything that you want in your home feels impossible while staying under budget. Working with Pacific Homes’ expert design team, you can create a set of architectural plans that will keep your build under budget while also meeting your most important dream home requirements.


How To Build Your Dream Home On A Budget

Before your home even reaches the construction phase, there are a number of ways you can ensure you’ll stay under budget. Throughout the design process, there are many things to keep in mind that can save you money on material and engineering costs. Some of the most expensive components of building a home are the the load bearing walls and supporting beams. The materials and engineering to properly support the weight of the home quickly add up in cost. To minimize these costs, a number of things can be done when creating your home plans. First, you should maximize the internal supports on the base level of your home so that extra weight won’t have to be transferred across significant supporting beams. For the floors above the base level, it is beneficial to line up the bearing walls across different floors and cross sections for the same reason. This is also much easier to accomplish if you home has a more square floorplan. As a rule of thumb, the squarer your home is, the cheaper your home is. Pacific Homes’ expert design team will work with through throughout this process to make sure your home plan will include everything you need at a minimized cost.


SmartWalls vs SIPs

When choosing to work with Pacific Homes, you can be sure to stay under budget because of our guaranteed package price. This minimizes any potentially costly overruns. Due to our exclusive Pacific SmartWall® system, your home will also have a shorter on-site build time. That reduced amount of labour needed means that you can save money! The Smartwall’s superior thermal efficiency also ensures that you will see long-term savings on heating and cooling your home.

Including everything you want in your dream home can be difficult while staying under budget. With Pacific Homes’ expertise, we can work together to design and create the perfect home for you. Get started on your dream home today:

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