There are many obstacles to be considered as a home builder in the State of Alaska. Alaska has a very short build season due to its harsh weather through the winter months. For this reason, it is important to make the most of the prime building season. Naturally, this reality makes many Alaskan homeowners consider either prefab or modular construction. Even though a modular home may be the simplest option, there are many advantages of building a modern prefab home.

Pacific Homes’ dedicated team has worked with clients, builders, and architects since the 1980’s. With the shorter build season in Alaska, demand for builders is very high. Our Pacific SmartWall® System offers many benefits for anyone looking to build a custom design within this short time frame. We have also been building homes in Alaska for many years and have become very familiar with its unique challenges.


Completed prefab homes in Alaska

Benefits of Prefab Homes in Alaska

Here are some of the many benefits to using Pacific Homes as the home builder for you next Alaskan house:

1. Cost Savings

Guaranteed package prices minimizes costly overruns and allow for shorter build times. This means fewer labor requirements and reduced material waste, all saving you money.

2. Outstanding Quality Control

All major components of Pacific Homes are built in a climate controlled environment with high quality, premium grade lumber. This reduces warping, splitting, shrinking, drywall cracks, nail popping, and mold-related issues in your finished home. Advanced computerized equipment used throughout construction identify potential design flaws prior to assembly.


An example of the Pacific Smartwall®

3. Superior Energy Efficiency

Our exclusive Pacific SmartWall® System is up to 128% more energy efficient than a standard 2×6 wall. It provides a more effective R-value and greater noise reduction to get you through harsh Alaskan winters.

4. Fast and Stress-Free

Panelized kit homes, the form of prefab construction that Pacific Homes specializes in, is mostly constructed off site. This means that the number of days building on site, dealing with weather complications or other issues, are greatly reduced. The result is faster, more secure move-in dates and less stress throughout the process.


One of many prefab homes in Alaska.

5. Contractor Network

We have a dedicated contractor network in Alaska that we will connect you with. These contractors are familiar with assembling our homes, and will complete the job on time and on budget.

6. Eco-Friendly and Built Green

We take environmental sustainability seriously, providing practical, affordable custom solutions that make Pacific Homes among the ‘greenest’ available.


A prefab home in Alaska

7. We Can Build Anything

Bring a floor plan to us, choose one of ours, or customize a plan with us to perfectly match your vision. Our team of engineers and builders will then get to work, making your dream a reality.

8. We Deliver Anywhere

Whether you are in the heart of Anchorage or are planning a completely remote build, Pacific Homes can work for you. We can deliver your kit home anywhere you plan to call home.


The construction of a kit home with a crane

Pacific Homes have worked with many home owners throughout Alaska, and we look forward to working with you. If you are looking to build the custom home of your dreams, get in contact with us below.


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