The practice of building kit homes in California is becoming more and more common with each passing year. Kit homes, also known as prefab homes, are the perfect option for those looking to build their home in California. Pacific Homes has a lot of experience working with builders and home owners throughout California. We know the unique challenges home builders face in the state of California and will help guide you through the whole process.


Building Kit Homes in California

Why It’s Best To Build Kit Homes In California

California, as well as other states like Washington, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Arizona, is a very desirable destination for home owners to build. Its forever growing population is matched with an equally growing need for home manufacturers. All this demand cannot be met by the number of home manufacturers available. This is why modular homes and prefab homes have become more common throughout the area.

The need for prefab houses in California has also grown recently because of the wildfires that have tragically destroyed so many homes in the area. The number of homes that have to be rebuilt throughout the state is very high. Because of this, builders can not keep up with demand. Many of the people who have to rebuild their homes have turned to modular home and panelized prefab home manufacturers. These methods of home construction require much less time building on site. The short supply of builders is, therefore, less of a limiting factor.

As a panelized kit home manufacturer, Pacific Homes have worked with many clients who are rebuilding their homes. These home owners choose to build prefab homes rather than modular homes because of the many options it provides them. Kit homes do not have to be constructed locally, as the prefab panels can be delivered anywhere. Prefab kit homes can also be completely customized, so there are no limits on creating any detail of a home. All of these reasons contribute to why it is best to build kit homes in California.


California Kit Home

How Building Prefab Saves Money

Building kit homes in California with Pacific Homes is ideal for potential home owners because we are a Canadian based company. The US dollar is currently much stronger than the Canadian dollar. Because of this, American home builders can see significant savings by working with a Canadian kit home manufacturer. Pacific Homes will also secure a price up front with their clients. This ensures that our US clients can lock in those savings before the prefab panels are delivered and assembled on site.


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There are many advantages in choosing to build kit homes in California. Logistically, building a modular or prefab home makes a lot of sense for Californian home builders. Also, working with a Canadian company like Pacific Homes will save builders money.

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