Your Top 10 Favorite Inspirational Home Plans of 2020

Your Top 10 Favorite Inspirational Home Plans of 2020     Happy New Year! We wanted to take the time and look back at some of the most loved Inspirational Home plans of 2020. The Malcolm – no surprise – has taken the top spot. The sleek lines and modern… Read More

Energy Step Code

Meeting the BC Energy Step Code with the Pacific SmartWall

Meeting the BC Energy Step Code with the Pacific SmartWall One of the key benefits of building a home with Pacific Homes is the energy efficiency that our Pacific SmartWalls provide. This month, Pacific Homes worked with Enertech Solutions Ltd. to test the energy efficiency of our Pacific SmartWall System… Read More

Building in the winter

Building in the winter! Are you crazy?

  Building In the Winter. Are You Crazy?  The most often asked question we get at this time of year is, “is it possible to build in the winter?” The answer is always a resounding… YES! You can build in the winter and in fact, it may be more advantageous… Read More

Gulf Island Westcoast Modern Contemporary

Our customers have recently installed siding on this custom built modern contemporary home on the Gulf Islands. The home was framed using our energy efficient 2×8 Pacific SmartWall® Technology. Working closely with our dedicated team, our customers created a home plan that includes 1670 sq.ft of finished interior space on the main floor. The… Read More

Holiday Gift Ideas

10 Holiday Gift Ideas For The New Homeowner

10 Holiday Gifts Ideas For The New Homeowner With the Holidays just around the corner, we wanted to provide 10 great holiday gift ideas for that special someone in your life that is a new homeowner or is in the process of building a new home. Many new homeowners often… Read More

5 Design Tips For A Well-Functioning Home

Here are 5 Design Tips For A Well-Functioning Home The design elements of a house can have a major effect on how we feel in a home. Whether the interior or exterior, the aesthetics and design have a significant impact on how a home functions. Here are 5 tips for… Read More

5 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Fall and Winter

Whether or not you are ready for it, Fall is just around the corner. As the days get shorter, and it starts to get much tougher to wake up in the morning, there are many things around the house that need to get done before fall. Wrap up the summer… Read More

Pacific Homes

Natural Disasters and How Pacific Homes Can Help

Throughout the past couple of months, we have witnessed the devastation caused by wildfires across North America’s Pacific coast. In fact, it has been reported that there have been over 2000 separate wildfires in British Columbia alone. While I feel for all of those who lost their homes or have… Read More