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One aspect of our business that we are very proud of at Pacific Homes is that we offer a more sustainable building solution in comparison with traditional stick-frame home building. Choosing to build a prefabricated (or prefab) home with Pacific Homes is an environmentally friendly choice that you can feel good about. Our specialized building process as well as our unique Pacific SmartWall® technology ensure that your home will be more environmentally friendly both while it’s constructed and for years after!


Our Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing Facility

An often overlooked benefit to the environment that comes when working with us at Pacific Homes is the fact that all of our homes are constructed out of wood. Click here to learn more about why wood is the most environmentally friendly building material. At Pacific Homes, we choose to construct our homes out of sustainably sourced wood. Furthermore, our facility uses state-of-the-art computerized saws that minimize the amount of unused wood by perfectly measuring and precisely cutting each board used. Any waste that is created at our manufacturing facility is then responsibly recycled to minimize our carbon footprint.

Environmentally Friendly Pacific Truss Plant


Your Environmentally Friendly Job Site

Due to the fact that your home’s wall panels are already constructed before arriving on site, the on-site construction time is significantly reduced. This means that there is less of an impact on the surrounding environment. Having your home’s design and delivery meticulously planned by our expert team also means that the amount of on-site waste material is minimized. From nails, to insulating foam, to scrap plywood, you can be sure that your prefab home will create significantly less waste material compared to what is created by traditional stick- frame building.

Environmentally Friendly Job Site

Years ago, PFInnovations conducted a study comparing the efficiency of building stick-frame homes versus building prefabricated homes. Some of the results they found are that building a prefab home requires 55% less lumber waste and 60% sheathing waste. More of their results are shown below.

Forintek Data Figure 1


A More Energy Efficient Home

Building a prefab home has environmental benefits beyond the construction process. The most environmentally friendly advantage that Pacific Homes have in comparison with traditionally constructed homes is the superior energy efficiency that is achieved with our pre-insulated Pacific Smartwalls®. Because these walls are more thermally efficient, significantly less energy needs to be expended to heat or cool your home. This of course means that when working with Pacific Homes, your home will be more environmentally friendly.

smartwall advantages

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