Building A Home In The Winter

Building A Home In The Winter

Often, when people first get in contact with us looking to build a new home, they are not sure if building in the winter is a viable option for them. Because there are many fewer homes built in the winter months, and also due to the benefits of custom prefabricated home building, there are actually many hidden benefits to building your home in the winter! When working with Pacific Homes, building in the winter can save you money, have you move in sooner, and the quality of wood will be protected from the harsh weather.


Weather Protection Of Prefabricated Homes

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Using traditional, stick-frame construction, building in the rain and snow can pose problems to the structural integrity of your home. Wood that gets too wet can warp and even start to grow mold. Prefabricated homes, such as modular homes and the custom prefab homes that we at Pacific Homes build, are constructed in a climate controlled facility where the wood products are protected from excess precipitation. Our process results in a higher level of consistency and product quality, especially when building in the winter months.


Cost Savings From Building In The Winter

Choosing to build your home in the winter can save you money on your build for one simple reason – there are not as many others building at the same time as you! Contractors are of course still looking for work throughout every season, so this means you can often find qualified contractors and subcontractors more easily and for cheaper than you would in the summer. These savings can go along way toward furnishing your home, or even making an addition to your custom home plans!


You Can Move In Sooner!

The final benefit to building a home in the winter is as simple as can be. You do not have to wait until the spring, summer or fall to move into your new home! Not only will you be able to move in sooner because the building process will begin earlier, the building process itself can also move along quicker in the winter as well. Certain components of building a home such as the permitting process at your local building authority office will also typically move more quickly because, again, there are many fewer homes being built throughout the winter.


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