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5 Design Tips For A Well-Functioning Home

Here are 5 Design Tips For A Well-Functioning Home The design elements of a house can have a major effect on how we feel in a home. Whether the interior or exterior, the aesthetics and design have a significant impact on how a home functions. Here are 5 tips for… Read More

5 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Fall and Winter

Whether or not you are ready for it, Fall is just around the corner. As the days get shorter, and it starts to get much tougher to wake up in the morning, there are many things around the house that need to get done before fall. Wrap up the summer… Read More

Pacific Homes

Natural Disasters and How Pacific Homes Can Help

Throughout the past couple of months, we have witnessed the devastation caused by wildfires across North America’s Pacific coast. In fact, it has been reported that there have been over 2000 separate wildfires in British Columbia alone. While I feel for all of those who lost their homes or have… Read More

The Pacific Homes Advantage

The Pacific Homes Advantage

Deciding to build a home is one of the most impactful decisions that most people will make throughout their lives. Many homebuilders are unaware of the many options they have available, so this article will investigate each of the options. Comparing each of the methods of homebuilding, it will illustrate… Read More

Building With Wood

The Benefits Of Building With Wood

  Even though mankind has been using wood for construction consistently for thousands of years, it is also what many experts have been calling the building material of the future. When building any project, choosing to use wood is environmentally, economically, structurally and stylistically the best choice. Environmentally Responsible It… Read More

8 Ways To Make Your Home Feel Spacious

These tips will make any space feel open and bright! Everyone wants their home to have that large, spacious feel but sometimes due to financial or other reasons, it just doesn’t seem possible. If you know the right tricks, any space in your home can feel spacious, regardless of the… Read More

Team Chemistry

Team Chemistry & Success

Team Chemistry & The Characteristics That Build Our Team… As I sat and watched Henrik and Daniel Sedin play in their final home game before retirement (Yes, I am a huge Vancouver Canucks fan) I can’t help but think about what quality players do for their team, much the same… Read More

BC Step Code

Learn About The New BC Energy Step Code

I recently attended a Building Smart presentation on the introduction of the BC Energy Step Code for Zone 5 in Nanaimo BC on Vancouver Island with the objective of finding out more about the changes coming to the building industry over the next few years. It was good to hear… Read More