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Learn About The New BC Energy Step Code

BC Step Code

I recently attended a Building Smart presentation on the introduction of the BC Energy Step Code for Zone 5 in Nanaimo BC on Vancouver Island with the objective of finding out more about the changes coming to the building industry over the next few years. It was good to hear… Read More

Decluttering Tips with a Young Family

Decluttering Tips with a Young Family Many of us have been there. Kitchen cabinets are loaded with meaningless stuff. Your front closet is filled with winter jackets that you haven’t worn in 10 years. Your medicine cabinet is full of expired pharmacy items, and the top drawer in your dresser… Read More

A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Paint Colour

Pointers to ponder when picking paint colours! So, you’ve decided to paint. You may be a pro at choosing colours and confidently make your way to the paint store or you may feel out of your element, unable to envision colours working together. I mean come on… you take a… Read More

Plan Drawing

You are serious about building a new home and going through the steps to find the house design that works for you. Perhaps you have found yourself looking online or through plan books, and like many people, found plans that are appealing “but” you would like to make some changes… Read More

Can I Do A Custom Design?

We are asked on a regular basis if we do custom home builds or only the Inspirational Stock Plans on our website. The answer is Yes! You may be wondering if you can save money by choosing an existing floor plan instead of going with a custom design. This is… Read More

Ken McKinnon

Should You Renovate or Rebuild?

On June 10, 2017 the founder of our company, Ken McKinnon, died at the age of 92.  Out of respect for the company he built and the many lives he touched we thought we would share the eulogy that was given at the funeral by his sons Wayne and Grant… Read More

Should You Renovate or Rebuild?

  This is a popular question that I often discuss with my clients at Pacific Homes. Many people end up in this situation and aren’t sure which way to go. Whether it is the cabin that Grandpa built or the century old home that you have purchased in a mature… Read More

A Guide To Choosing Your Floor Framing System

Floor Framing Systems You’ve reworked your floor plan, adjusted the orientation and window placement to take advantage of views and southern exposure, and tweaked roof lines to match the home you have envisioned for months and years. But how much thought have you given to your floor framing system? Unlike… Read More