Ken McKinnon; truly a remarkable man!

In last month’s newsletter, Grant Mckinnon wrote about the birth of Coco, new daughter of one of our Home Package Coordinators.  Grant’s article reflected on what Coco will experience in her lifetime, which will be in vast contrast to what Grant, at almost 50, and his father Ken, who soon… Read More

For the next generation

Recently one of our staff here in Cobble Hill, Aaron Spotts, welcomed into the world their first child Coco. I started thinking about how different her life will be compared to my life as I turn 50 this year, and my father’s life as he turns 90 in May. My… Read More

Heat Flow through Buildings

There are three principal mechanisms of heat transfer through materials, components and assemblies which make up the building enclosure; Conduction: Is the transfer of energy through a material and between materials that are in direct contact to each other. Reducing the number of thermal bridges through the building insulation, by… Read More

How to save time, money and your sanity when building your dream home!

Just imagine walking into your newly built home and seeing exactly what you dreamed of;  the windows are in the best location, the exterior doors expertly complement the siding, the kitchen is the perfect layout, and awesome,  you finally have a place to wash your dog named Gordie! So how… Read More

Protecting Your Project

 No matter what stage your construction project is in, be it planning, building or nearing completion, it is important to have and maintain adequate and appropriate insurance protection for the duration of your project. But what does adequate and appropriate insurance protection look like? It depends, and on first glance… Read More

Design, Energy, Budget… what’s it going to be?

Pacific Homes is proud of the fact that we participate in supplying one of the two most basics things in life, either of which we cannot exist without… food and “shelter”. The evolution of shelters continues today as never before, from contemporary to traditional, cottage to estate, leading edge technology… Read More

The Wood Innovation and Design Centre

Via The Wood Innovation and Design Centre (WIDC) is the tallest wood building in Prince George and the tallest contemporary wood building in North America. Completed in October 2014, the WIDC is a six-storey plus mechanical penthouse, 29.5 metre-high structure that showcases British Columbia’s growing expertise in the design and… Read More