Our newest Inspirational Home Plan, the Cascade, has everything to do with style, modern functional design, and amazing architecture. Modern Contemporary style homes are becoming increasingly popular because of the eye-catching design. The typical features of a Modern Contemporary design include a mixed use of natural materials such as stone and wood to highlight the home among its natural surroundings. The Cascade offers exceptional style and will provide your family with everything it needs, including an abundance of windows to appreciate the outdoors.


Designing the Cascade


Cascade Floor Plan

The Cascade’s layout and design is inspired by our Malcolm home plan but offers a different interior layout.  Inspired by West Coast living, the Cascade was designed to enjoy the views of your property. The Cascade offers homeowners a compact design with 1418 square feet of living space on the main floor. Its main floor features an oversized master bedroom that includes a large walk-in closet and  a stunning en-suite bathroom. The adjacent living area is both spacious and comfortable. The main foyer leads into the kitchen where you will find a wide-open area with a luxurious island that continues on into the dining area & Great room areas. A full-size bath and two bedrooms complete the rest of the home.


Completely Customizable

All of our Pacific Inspirational Plans are designed in such a way that they can be modified to suit any individual’s needs. Like all of our inspirational Plans, every single detail of The Cascade can be modified to ensure your home is exactly how you want it. You can work along with our expert design team to create your dream home. Whether that home is started from scratch, based off of one of our inspirational plans, or even if The Cascade is your dream home’s design, we will make it happen. Our Pacific SmartWall® Technology results in the highest quality of home that is airtight, energy-efficient, and comfortable to live in.

If you have questions about customizing this plan, please reach out to a Pacific Homes build specialist.

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