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One of our most frequently asked questions is how the plumbing and electrical wiring is implemented within our Pacific SmartWall® System once one of our home packages is delivered. From the design, to the installation on site, Pacific Homes makes the plumbing and electrical systems in your home simple.Plumbing and Wiring

What is the Pacific SmartWall® System?

The Pacific SmartWall® is a prefabricated wall system that simplifies your build and offers significant advantages over other construction methods. Proven increases in thermal efficiency and air tightness combined with increased indoor air quality, reduced sound transmission and shorter framing times – that’s the Pacific SmartWall® Advantage.

A Pacific SmartWall® minimizes thermal bridging; this is the amount of wood that acts as a bridge between outside and inside temperatures. By reducing the amount of wood that can act as a thermal bridge, the Pacific SmartWall®, insulation performs far higher better than a conventionally framed wall. This is achieved by thermally breaking the framing components where possible, and the insulation is actually routered into the wood. Heat loss within the wall cavity is virtually eliminated and a more constant R value is achieved.

Plumbing and Wiring within the Pacific SmartWall® System



The planning of plumbing, wiring, and seismic hold downs within all of our home packages begins in the design stage. Pacific Homes is proud to utilize industry leading 3D Home Design software. Using this software, our expert design team works in collaboration with home owners and local contractors to work through every last detail. One of these important details is, of course, the plumbing, wiring, and seismic hold downs throughout the home! Every Pacific SmartWall®  that is produced in our climate controlled facilities is built to exceed local engineering requirements.

Once your Pacific Homes is erected on site and to the lock up stage, the plumbing and electrical systems are set up by the independent onsite contractor or owner-builder. Setting up these systems are made easy as our process is refined and designed intentionally to make the implementation as simple as possible. We have worked with countless independent contractors in the past. No matter where you are planning to build, we can connect you with a builder that is familiar with our Pacific SmartWall® system and will make the construction of your home a smooth process.

Check out this video from our build specialist Ray Greene discussing the benefits of our Pacific SmartWall® System and how the wiring and services are installed on your building site. 

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