Duplex houses are a great option for those looking to build a new single family or multifamily home. A duplex home, also known as a twin home or side by side, is essentially two separate living units that share a common wall. These homes can be designed in a variety of styles and sizes, from small single-story homes to larger multi-story homes.

One of the main advantages of building duplex homes is the potential for rental income. With two separate units, each with its own separate entrance, you can rent out one of the units to help cover your mortgage payments or as a source of passive income. Additionally, duplex homes can be a great way to accommodate a growing family or aging parents, as each duplex unit can have its own separate living space. This can be especially beneficial for those looking for a multi-family home, as it allows for privacy and autonomy for each family member.

Another advantage of duplex homes is that they are more energy-efficient than single-family homes, such as single family house. With two units sharing a common wall, there is less exterior surface area to heat or cool, which can result in lower utility bills. Additionally, duplex homes can often be built on smaller lots than single-family homes, making them a great option for urban or suburban areas where land is at a premium.

When it comes to choosing a company to build your duplex home, Pacific Homes is a great choice. Pacific Homes is a leading provider of prefabricated homes and building systems. When working with us, any duplex home plan can be customized to meet your specific needs and budget. Additionally, our building systems are designed to be energy-efficient and eco-friendly, which can further help you save money on utility bills in the long run.