Carriage houses, sometimes also known as coach houses, are homes that originally were used to house horse-drawn carriages. Today, carriage homes are described as detached garages with living quarters on the upper floor. These homes provide extra living space for homeowners, and the floor plans for these structures can vary greatly. They are flexible to accommodate as large of a garage as desired, or as small as a single car garage. No matter the house plan, these homes are a unique and functional addition to any property.

Building a carriage home offers many advantages, including extra living quarters, detached garages, and additional car garages. If you are looking to build accessory dwelling units, a place to house your vehicles, guest houses on your property, a carriage house may be perfect for you. With their unique functionality, carriage houses are becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners. They are especially appealing for those looking for an affordable and practical living solution.

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