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Taking a Design from Inspiration to Reality

It is a common misconception that Pacific Homes only offers the home designs featured on our Inspirational Homes page. In actuality, they are intended to inspire you with specific features that you may be including in your future home, or provide a baseline that our design team can add to or modify to create your dream home. In fact, most of our inspirational home plans originated as custom designs!

Adapting to Meet Individual Design Needs

You may or may not already have a lot where you are planning to build. You also may or may not have specific ideas that are important to include in your dream home. Regardless of the stage you are at in planning your build, our team of Build Specialists, designers and architects have experience dealing with others in similar situations. Pacific Homes has provided custom building packages for over 37 years. We work with our clients from around the world to design, engineer and manufacture their custom homes down to every last detail.


Our process begins through building personal relationships with our clients where we work together with you. Collaboratively, we build an understanding of the aspects of your dream home that are most important to include, tailoring to your specifications until the perfect design has been created. It is possible that one of our inspirational home plans may be exactly what you are looking for, but in most cases, either those plans are modified to better suit your specific lot and needs, or the design is started from scratch with a unique set of plans.

Custom Home Design

Custom home designs offer the significant advantage of flexibility. The homeowner has a choice in almost everything in the home building process, from the foundation to the floor plan, to the doors and windows. Whether it is because of your location or just personal preference, everyone loves having options! Our dedicated team works together with you throughout the custom home building process. Custom homes provide the ability to blend styles and plans, producing an end result that is moulded to your needs and lifestyle. If your lot or situation is particularly unique, a completely custom home is likely the best option for your dream home.


Inspirational Home Plans

Our Inspirational Homes are home designs that we have previously designed and have provided as building packages to clients multiple times. Often our clients choose to make slight modifications to an existing plan which is a request our design team is experienced in accommodating. Simple modifications, for example, could be the movement of a door, window, interior wall, or an increase of the ceiling heights. Entire rooms are sometimes added, or layouts may be altered to create more of an open concept. All of our Inspirational Homes have been built and enjoyed by previous clients, and the ability to modify these designs will result in a home that fits your lifestyle!

Difference in Cost

The question is often asked: Will our clients need to spend a significant amount more money if they choose a custom designed floor plan rather than an existing design from our selection of Inspirational Homes? You may feel like you are saving time and money if you are not designing your new home from scratch. However, there is not a significant difference in cost between an Inspirational Home plan and a custom design. The only difference in price between the two sets of home designs is that you may spend a few thousand dollars to have customized plans drawn up for a completely customized home.

Westcoast Contemporary Prefab Cottage Plans

Over the 37 years that Pacific Homes has been creating and delivering custom homes, we have perfected our process of working with clients to design their personalized homes. If you are interested in working with our expert design team on creating your dream home, contact us below. We are excited to work with you.