When considering how the exterior of your future home will look, most people immediately think that colour choice is the most important thing to consider. While colour is absolutely crucial for giving your home the feel you want, there are a multitude of other factors to consider such as styles of exterior finish, roofing, doors and windows..


Exterior Finish

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The style of siding you choose vastly changes the feel of your home. The most common types of siding we use are lap siding, shingles, shakes, vertical siding, panels, board and batten, and aluminum siding. Each texture adds something different to your home, from a more sleek and modern feel to a homey, cottage vibe. Many houses will use multiple textures which can make a home more appealing to the eye.



Choice of shingle also contributes significantly to the appearance of a home, beyond colour and size of shingles, there are some shingles that protect against the growth of moss, and in the near future, some shingles that even work as solar panels. Another option available through Pacific Homes and Truss is a variety of high-quality metal roofing that is becoming increasingly popular.



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At Pacific Homes, we have very close relationships with multiple window manufacturers. Our custom packages are designed with the perfect windows of any type and size to best fit a home’s feel and homeowner’s vision.


Exterior Doors

When considering options for your exterior doors, the first thing to decide is the material; metal, wood or fiberglass. In most cases, the style of door you choose, will match the feel of you have created. Garage doors are the same, there are a nearly limitless amount of styles, made with various materials. There is surely both exterior doors and garage doors that will perfectly fit the feel of any home.


Throughout our 60 years of business, we have connected with hundreds of the best suppliers for every aspect of a home. Connect with us here and we will be happy to create and construct the home you’ve always dreamed of, down to every last detail.

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