Prefab Home in California

Building A Prefab Home in California

California Fire Rebuilds

Since 1980, we have been working with clients to design, engineer, and build sustainable, energy-efficient homes in the state of California. Our dedicated team of professionals can help guide you through the home design, build process, and work with and your local building authorities when building a prefab home in California.  Pacific Homes California build specialists work with you every step of the way. Our prefabricated panelized building packages and our energy-efficient Pacific SmartWall® System have become increasingly popular for anyone looking to rebuild quickly and efficiently.

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Fire Resistance strategies in our Energy Efficient Prefab Homes

Our California build specialists are dedicated to working with our clients to help identify fire defense strategies when developing an architectural design and choosing building materials for a California fire rebuild. There are steps to take for anyone that is looking to create a fire-resistant home. While no home can be fireproof, there are steps to follow that can be applied to take preventative measures.

6 California Wildfire Defense Strategies to consider in a prefab home in California:

Design Considerations

The first strategy to consider is to get a significant distance and incombustible material between the home and the wildlands.  This buffer zone can be comprised of concrete patios, driveways or low-growing fire-retardant plants. Working with a Pacific Homes build specialist, you can pay special attention to these design considerations and create a home that minimizes attack of rapid-fire areas on the building lot.

Proof your roof by choosing the Right Roofing Materials

Pacific Homes standing seam metal roofing can provide an architectural appeal and provide a frontline defense in the prevention of wildfire defense. Our metal, flat roofing provides a “Class A” fire rating offers the highest resistance to fire.

Siding Materials

Fiber cement board and stucco can be both preventative and be incorporated into various designs & styles. It offers a modern feel and comfort while providing a barrier of defense.

prefab home in California

Windows & Doors

Windows are the weakest link in defending your building envelope, but there are several methods to strengthen these areas using quality products. Providing  Triple & Double-glazed windows that include insulated and tempered glass each add extra layers of defense from the heat of a fire. Fire-rated metal doors offer superior protection especially when utilizing a metal jamb wrap. Garage doors can be a very vulnerable area in a home, but by using a metal panel door with an automatic fusible link closure you can minimize risk. Many of these metal doors offer many designs that can be incorporated into the aesthetics of the project.

Prefab Home in California

Overhangs & Soffit Areas

It is important to pay special attention to the materials use on the underside of overhangs. This applies to the underside of cantilevers, balconies, decks, and underfloor areas as well. These areas are where the flames will be trapped, and temperatures will be the highest. It is necessary to provide fire-resistant materials, protected enclosures and structural integrity to these locations.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Concrete and paving stone patios not only add an element of modern beauty, but they are also helpful in fire defense. The surrounding vegetation can also be set back from the building with the use of mulch made of rock which creates a “non-combustible zone” around the home. Another material to consider is Thermory wood which is a very dense wood and is naturally resistant to fire. Railings, patios covers and pergolas can also be made Ipe wood or metal. Detailed construction ensuring a tight fit to block the wildfire accompanying strong winds from blowing embers is critical.


California Testimonial:

“Thank you so much for our new home! We love, love it! It turned out even more beautiful than we imagined” – Joe & Jamie Costa California Homeowner



​As a way to offer some sort of relief, Pacific Homes will provide the following to property owners who lost their homes in the fires:

  1. A complimentary assessment to discuss rebuilding options with you. Contact us today for an assessment and to schedule a site visit with us at an upcoming homeshow in California
  2. Free set of Architectural Plans with every Pacific Homes Prefab Building Package.

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Additional Resources:

For more information on steps to take to “harden” your home to resist flying embers, see this webpage by CAL FIRE.