5 Misconceptions About Prefabricated Homes


Similar to how prefabricated trusses became the expected standard throughout the industry over the last 50 years, the same transition is slowly happening with prefabricated homes. Customers are recognizing the many advantages to building custom, panelized prefab homes in comparison to traditional stick-frame methods. Despite this, there are still many misconceptions that remain prevalent for many people. Here are five common misconceptions as well as the truths behind them.


1. “Prefabricated homes are poor quality”

Spanish Style Prefabricated Home

This notion is one that has been continuously changing throughout the course of our company’s history. Pacific Homes has always been on the forefront of high-quality panelized prefabricated home packages. Our prefabricated homes are made from the best possible lumber and offer our exclusive Pacific SmartWall® technology that no other builders can replicate. In addition, a prefab home is fully built in a weather-controlled environment meaning that the wood is exposed to much less moisture before a home’s roof goes up.


2. “I won’t be able to build a prefabricated home on my lot”

Lakeside Pacific Home

Prefabricated homes are different from modular homes. Because of the customizable nature of our panelized prefab homes, they can be designed to fit any lot or specifications needed. Pacific Homes also can ship anywhere in the world, whether you’re building on a remote island, up in the isolated arctic or in a faraway country, a prefabricated Pacific Home can fit your every need.


3. “Prefabricated homes are boxy clones of each other”

Shawnigan Package Prefabricated Home

Again, this is a common misconception that Pacific Homes has been a case study against throughout its existence. Every aspect of our panelized prefabricated homes are completely customizable and we have an expert team of designers to work through every step of the process in creating our customers’ custom homes.

4. “I can’t build the same trust I have with a stick frame builder”

Loaded Pacific Homes Truck

Trust between us and our customers is one of our top priorities. Our Build Specialists create personal relationships with every homeowner we work with and are a constant resource throughout the process of creating and constructing a new home. From beginning to end of our seven-step process, our Build Specialist and Design teams at Pacific Homes and Pacific Truss work hard to ensure that our customers are satisfied down to every last detail.


5. “A completely customized home will be much more expensive”

Prefabricated Cottage

This final misconception is one we often hear from people who are unfamiliar with what we do. When considering all of the benefits of prefabrication, most people have the expectation that the cost will be significantly higher. Due to the cost savings on the labour needed for a stick frame house as well as our relationships with the many available home options, a customized, prefabricated Pacific Home can actually cost little or no more than a traditionally built home.

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