Here are 5 Design Tips For A Well-Functioning Home

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The design elements of a house can have a major effect on how we feel in a home. Whether the interior or exterior, the aesthetics and design have a significant impact on how a home functions. Here are 5 tips for achieving a well-functioning home design that you can be proud of.

  1. Make rooms multi-functional and designate storagePacific Homes Design

Designated storage is far more important than general storage. Think about storage spaces and what you plan to use these designated storage areas for. The use of custom-built cabinets and hide away nooks are important, especially if you have young children. It is never easy to hide toy clutter! When designing rooms try to utilize spaces more efficiently. Are there any rooms that can have multiple functions?  Do you have dogs? Think about adding a large sink or tub into your laundry room to keep your furry friend clean. Please remember it is always nice for everything to have a place, and it is one of the more important tips for a well-functioning home.

  1. The layout is kingPacific Homes Design

It is critical to think about the layout and floor plan of any space and the way it will function.  Spend some time to imagine and learn how you will move around in certain spaces and how they will function. Think about what would work and what may not.  It is then imperative that you paint a clear picture in your head of what you may want to alter in the design. If the space doesn’t have the right proportions, it may be tough for interior decoration to make an improvement to the functionality of the space. It is always helpful to sketch things out on graph paper or work with a Pacific Homes build specialist to create the right layout with you.

  1. Be practical and use the dead spacePacific Homes Design

A well-designed home makes things easy on you! Not everyone has a budget to simply make things bigger. Careful planning and thinking about the small details are important to maximize space. Challenging and awkward spaces sometimes are left bare and tend to attract clutter over time. Why not add a built-in bookshelf, cozy nook, or daybed with storage underneath? My wife uses Pinterest to search for inspirational ideas and seems to have success. Unfortunately, this adds a thing or two to the honey to do list!

  1. Colour and personality in your roomsPacific Homes Design

Colour can add personality to any room. It has a significant effect on how you may feel in a certain space. Using more light natural colour tones on the walls can create a natural backdrop and allow you to use accents by utilizing accessories, art, and furniture to add a zest of life into your rooms. This also helps keep rooms feeling clean and consistent throughout the home. Create spaces that you love and let your personality shine through.

  1. Pick the right lighting and finishesPacific Homes Design

Proper lighting in a home can have a significant impact on the design and functionality of a home. It can create a unique ambiance of a room and feature certain areas that you may want to highlight. When designing a home try to balance the amount of natural and artificial light in a room. If rooms do not have enough light they can become uninviting and feel cold. Choose building materials and finishes that are practical for your lifestyle. Are they easy surfaces to clean and maintain? Is a certain flooring durable for a specific space? The most expensive may not always be the best choice or practical choice. Spend the necessary time to learn about the products and finishes you intend to use in your home; it will help eliminate regrets once you are living in the space.