We are asked on a regular basis if we do custom home builds or only the Inspirational Stock Plans on our website. The answer is Yes!

You may be wondering if you can save money by choosing an existing floor plan instead of going with a custom design. This is a very reasonable question. You may spend a few thousand dollars to have customized plans drawn up for your new home. It only seems logical to choose from a set of existing plans that have been used on other homes. You may feel like you are saving time and money because you are not designing your new home from scratch. However, there is not a big price difference between a Pacific Inspirational home plan and a custom design.

Our Custom Homes:

A Custom Home is unique and one-of-a-kind, typically designed and built from scratch. This process involves direct collaboration among the homeowner, your Pacific Homes Build Specialist, Designer, Architect and various other parties involved in the design.  The lot you are building on is a driving factor in the design and construction and really needs to be considered.

Custom homes offer two enormous benefits: choice and flexibility. The homeowner has a choice in almost everything in the home building process – from the foundation to the floor plan to the siding. Our dedicated team works through the details of the custom home building process. Custom homes are flexible in mixing styles and plans to construct a home that is molded to the owner’s needs and lifestyle. Some argue that this custom attention leads to higher quality.

Our Custom Design Process

The process does not start with a Pacific Homes Build Specialist showing you a set of existing floor plans that you make modifications to. It starts with our build specialist asking questions about your lifestyle. The build specialist may ask if you have any children or pets, or they may ask if you enjoy cooking. Do you like an open design?  Working with a Pacific Homes Build Specialist,  you and the designer use that information to create a floor plan that works for your lifestyle. If you love to entertain and cook, you may want to install a kitchen island that looks out to a great room with large windows and French doors that extend to outdoor living space.


Our Pacific Homes Inspirational Homes: 

The Inspirational Homes on our website are homes we have provided for our building packages more than once. Sometimes our clients would like slight modifications to a certain plan which is no problem. For example, move a door, window, interior wall, or increase the ceiling heights etc. All our Inspirational Homes are proven designs that you can modify to suit your lifestyle!



Pacific Homes is a custom home builder which has provided custom building packages for over 37 years. We work with clients from around the world to design, engineer and manufacture their custom home. You do not have to worry about poor communication, lack of options or surprise costs because once we have your final specs, and engineered plans completed, we provide you with a guaranteed locked in price. You have the control over the materials supplied in your building package which makes both options very custom.


If you are interested in a custom build please contact us today, and you will be eligible for a $1500 design credit with a purchase of a Pacific Homes building package.

Please type: “100% Custom” in the subject line of the contact us form to be eligible.


**Some restriction apply**