Aging in Place…

I guess I must say that I am writing from a perspective of someone that is at the point in their life that requires a more serious look into the future. Apparently, I am part of 25% plus of the world’s population that was born between 1946 and 1964 (the baby boomers).

Sometime ago I was visiting with a contractor that had just completed his certification as an “Aging in Place Specialist.”  His construction company specialized in extensive renovations and many of his clients were empty nesters with a dated home and were planning a relatively extensive face lift to update their home and to make their home more comfortable.

We chatted about the baby boomer generation, how there was such a large number of folks all reaching this age group at the same time and the pressure that is coming to bear on available condominiums, townhouses, retirement facilities designed for retirement and some not so well designed for retirement, including the exorbitant cost to live in a specifically equipped retirement community.

planningContractors are being encouraged to consider with their clients, when embarking on a renovation or a complete new build, to consider all aspects in the building planning stage to allow clients to be able to live much longer in their homes.

The design we pursue in an “aging in place” concept would address comfort, accessibility, minimizing hazards, energy efficiency, ease of use, heating systems, safety, security home controls, lighting, maneuverability, doorways…. entrances to home, kitchen, bathroom and sleeping areas. Any aspects that help to extend living in your existing home, delaying the need to move to a formal retirement community.

Design that incorporates the “aging in place” concept allows people to continue to live in their homes rather than move to accommodate their changing needs. It is much less expensive to bring health care to your existing home than to move to a facility to acquire this support.

These alterations can significantly improve the resale value of a home as the property will become much more attractive to others in a similar time of life… especially as we encounter this specific baby boomer population demographic.

At Pacific Homes we provide prefabricated home packages for ANY design and can easily tailor your building package to accommodate any special or specific needs you may want to incorporate in your new home.

Aging in Place