What is Included in a Pacific Homes Package?

What is Included in a Pacific Homes Package?

The most common question our Build Specialists are asked is… What exactly is included in a Pacific Homes package? This post will explain each component that will be included when your home package arrives. Everything that is included in a Pacific Homes package is completely customizable; when working with us, your dream home will be exactly as you envision it. Read on to see what’s included!


Roof System

Pacific SmartWall®

Pacific Homes’ engineered roof system provides you the flexibility to create the style, pitch, and material selection to match your dream home’s architectural style. Our award-winning team of designers at Pacific Homes work diligently on each project, utilizing industry leading 3D Software Technology to ensure each roof system is designed and engineered to meet and exceed your local building requirements. Each package of engineered roof trusses includes all necessary gable end sheathing and ladders, truss hangers, tie downs and bracing material. Every shipment of trusses also comes with the highest quality underlayment and all venting and flashings, ensuring you have a well-protected roof system for years to come.


Structural Floor System

Flooring Systems included in Pacific Homes Packages

We provide all the materials to install your structural Floor System. Our engineered floor systems are tailored to the needs of each project’s design and engineering requirements. When using a manufactured engineered floor system, you can run longer lengths beyond what dimensional lumber can provide—resulting in a more open concept design when desired. Floor systems consist of pre-cut I-joists, floor trusses, or dimensional lumber, floor and beam hangers, floor plywood sheathing, and all required subfloor adhesive and screws. We use quality materials and ensure you have all the necessary materials provided in our package to get the job done right.


Wall System

SmartWalls included in a Pacific Homes Package

All exterior and interior walls are included in a Pacific Homes package. A pre-insulated exterior wall panel with our exclusive Pacific SmartWall® technology allows for better energy benefits for cooling and heating. Weatherproof insulation is provided within the Pacific SmartWall® System to protect you from all different climates conditions, regardless of where you live around the world. Every Pacific Home comes with 2×6 R22 Pacific SmartWall® System with the option to move up to a 2X8 or 2X10 Pacific SmartWall® System. A ½” Fir Plywood sheathing is also factory applied to the walls before delivery to your jobsite.


All required drywall for every wall and ceiling is also included in each of our Pacific Homes packages. It includes all the materials: all filler, tape, corner beads, and fasteners.


Windows & Doors


Every window in your plan is included in your package. We are proud to offer a full selection of premium-quality windows that can be tailored to your architectural style and project requirements. All windows are available in vinyl, metal, wood, with the option of double or triple glazed to suit your climate or code requirements. We work with a variety of manufacturers and can provide anything you are looking for. All windows of all sizes can be incorporated into your custom home plans, including all needed screens and drywall returns.

Exterior Doors

All exterior doors, including garage doors are part of your Pacific Homes package. The Exterior Doors in your home complete the unique characteristics of your home design. Consider selecting exterior doors that compliment other aspects of your build design, such as energy-efficiency, security, and style. We offer various exterior entry and garage door options, ranging from wood, metal, & fiberglass. Some styles will arrive pre-painted or pre-stained depending on your build requirements. Our packages also include finishing hardware such as hinges, locks and handles of all styles and finishes.

Interior Doors

Every interior door is included in your Pacific Homes package. The interior doors you choose help complete your distinctive home design. Your interior door selection can add beauty, style, personality, and performance to your home. Various interior door types range from hollow core to solid wood options. Options from a variety of suppliers include flat panels and different raised paneled options. If there is any style of door you have your eye on, we can make sure to fit it into your custom home design.



Finishing Included in a Pacific Homes Package

Exterior Finish

All the materials necessary to complete your building envelope are included in your package: Siding, exterior trims, house wrap, and all needed fasteners. An energy-saving exterior wrapped protection layer is used before the finishing layer. Your siding options include: fiber cement, cedar and vinyl styles, both vertical and horizontal applications; primed or pre-finished. There are so many options to choose from when deciding on your home’s exterior finish and our expert team of Build Specialists can help walk you through the many styles of sidings, trims, and soffits.

Interior Finish

The interior finish selection you make will add additional personality into your new home. Our interior finish selection includes baseboard, window, and door trim casings. Our trim packages can be customized to your architectural style ranging from Craftsman to Modern. Whether primed MDF or solid wood, we can customize your trim package to ensure all your doorways, windows, and flooring are finished off with your desired style. Closets include pre-finished custom shelving and rods to complete the mudroom or master walk-in. We will ensure your preferred styling option is included in your Pacific Home package.



Pre-assembled structural staircases will also come included in your home package. These can be either straight or round, however best fits your home. All wall railings and brackets needed will also arrive as part of your home delivery.


Decking Material and Railings

Decking Included in Pacific Homes Packages

A variety of decking materials such as pressure-treated, Douglas fir or SPF (Spruce, Pine and Fir) wood, dimensional posts, beams, and joists are included for all decking included in your home plans. Your package will also contain post connections, hangers, screws and all framing material as required.



As you can see, the roof system, floor system, wall system, windows, doors, interior and exterior finishing, stairs, decking material and railings are all included in your Pacific Homes package. With the demands to deliver on time and on budget, Pacific Homes guarantees the supply of material as specified and will provide a fixed cost for a major portion of your building project with the materials listed above. To learn more about how we can make your dream home a reality, get in touch with one of our Build Specialists below:

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