We purchased a lot in 2011 in Ships Point, Fanny Bay and started looking for a builder and we came up with 3 different companies that we wanted to look at. We met Scott Robertson/Pacific Homes in February 2012 and from our first meeting we felt that it was the right company for us.

Scott was very easy to talk to, he actually came out to our lot to meet us and see what the site looked like. Since we didn’t have a builder yet, we asked Scott if he knew of any builders that we could contact. Scott said he dealt with Matt from Stryker Contracting and has built quite a few Pacific Homes, so we contacted Matt and some other builders. Matt had the best price, was very helpful and was able to start whenever we were ready, so we went with him.

We originally had a different house plan picked out, but then after excavating and coming up with a rock wall at the rear of our home, we had to decide on another plan. Scott worked very well on this with us, as we changed our minds a couple of times. We finally found a modern plan with a slant roof design that we thought could work for us, but the design was not what we wanted, so Scott worked with us and we were able to come up with a design that worked.

Pacific Homes was very easy to work with, especially since we had never built a home like this before with 16’ windows right across the front of the house, so we had to get in an engineer and the permits, and Scott helped us through all of this. When our package was delivered from Pacific Homes and the walls were ready to be craned in, Scott was on the site making sure and helping out to ensure everything went well.

I have to say when our builder (Matt from Stryker Contracting) started putting in our windows; he didn’t measure the hole they were going into. So I had to ask, why aren’t you measuring that, because usually if you have ever done renovations or built a home before, nothing is square. Matt said that he has built 9 Pacific Homes and each one has been absolutely square. I have never even heard of that, but the windows went in perfectly and the home is absolutely square.

All the products that were in the package that were delivered were very good building materials. My husband has built homes before and he is very picky, but he was very impressed with the products that Pacific Homes has. We just had a company (Elemental Energy Advisors) come in to do an energy/air leakage test to confirm our EnerGuide rating so that we could get a rebate from BC Hydro and we passed with flying colors. Elemental Energy said that this was one of the best homes that they had come across for energy efficiency.

With all that said, we would definitely recommend Scott Robertson & Pacific Homes to anyone and we certainly would work with them again.

Patti Lee & Lee SharpenFanny Bay, British Columbia, Canada