My husband is a contractor in Fairbanks, Alaska. Our first experience framing up a Pacific Homes package was nine years ago — and Ken Thiessen was our first contact with your company. We were so impressed with the quality of the product and Pacific Homes’ Pacific SmartWall® that we built our own home the next summer. We drew our plan on graph paper and a Pacific Homes draftsman and engineer produced the plans! We love our house and over the last eight years, we’ve done nothing but frame up Pacific Homes packages for homeowners.

We knew yourPacific SmartWall®was a superior product so it was no surprise to find out it scored R-31 on the energy rating, compared to our previous stick-framed wall of R-17. Mike believes this is the future of building, especially in Alaska where we have such extreme temperatures. We also love how the house (or building) goes up about 1,000 sq.ft. every 4-5 days! We can frame up a 2,000 sq.ft. house (which is already insulated and sheeted with plywood) and have all the doors and windows in it and the roof sheeted in two weeks! When you have such a short building season, that’s crucial. Almost all of the Pacific Homes we’ve framed up for homeowners, using your  Pacific SmartWall® System, have scored a 5-Star Plus energy rating — resulting in a $7,500 rebate to the homeowner from the Alaska Housing Finance Corp!

It’s wonderful to not only find a revolutionary building system but customer service that I like to call “the Nordstrom of construction!” Your Alaska rep, Ken Thiessen, is absolutely amazing! Because of his framing experience, Ken can easily answer any questions we have as contractors; it’s so refreshing to talk with such a knowledgeable person! Our customers feel the same way — that Ken is such a patient and helpful person. They comment on his knowledge, the clarity of his explanations, and his respect for their wishes. He’s very positive and his advice is truly welcome. We can’t tell you how happy we are that Ken is the Alaska rep; first impressions are important and he represents Pacific Homes very well.

Mike & Cheryl SullivanFairbanks, Alaska, USA