Our experience from planning our cabin all the way through to receiving and building our new family getaway in the woods was enjoyable, organized and as stress free as possible given we don’t spend that kind of money very often. Here is the story of our first week with our new home away from home:

Right from the outset the delivery time and date were set by us and confirmed numerous times by yourself, Aaron in the office and finally by Richard the driver who delivered our home package. Richard called the evening before and confirmed he would be on time for our 8:30 am unloading, in fact he arrived 12 hours early to prepare for the unload. Richard was personable, polite and a huge help unloading our new home. After 3 hours we sent him on his way home with our new purchase spread about the yard.

Opening the paperwork and seeing the labels on everything during the unloading process made it obvious that we were dealing with a company who was highly organized, had done this many times before and were committed to helping us get the job done. Everything was so clearly labeled we probably could have put the cabin together without your clear laminated (and numbered) plans for each floor and specific stage of construction but they made it so easy. Opening the hardware box also provided the nice surprise of a new tool box complete with professional framing tools that I used for the job, certainly not expected but a great touch by a company who clearly think about their business and customers. By noon the next day we had the basement done, main floor subfloor on and were starting the walls for our new great room. Your planning made it so simple that I almost want to say anyone who knows 2 follows 1 could plan the build. Once early on we got carried away with enthusiasm and put a wall in place and had a 5 1/2 inch gap, a quick review of the plan revealed our enthusiastic mistake and a quick removal and placement in accordance with the plan resulted in the same perfect fit for that corner that we had throughout the project.

With almost every component we had extra material and we were able to press on with our build without the disruption of running off to the lumber yard for 1 more piece to finish the job. The walls were well constructed, tightly joined and made of first rate lumber adding to the ease of each subsequent step.

You had put us in touch with our framing crew and while we know they are not Pacific Homes employees, Brad, Jeremy and David were great for us, they worked fast, efficiently and were sticklers for small details to ensure our new cabin was the best it could be. They approached the build as if it was their own and we thank you for putting us in touch with them.

Less than a week later afert six 12 hour days, we agreed we were all tired and decided to pack up for home. Our new 1900 square foot Pacific Homes cabin was completely weather tight with the windows, doors and roof on, the house wrap in place, windows all flashed out and we made a good start on our CertainTeed siding and trim boards.

As you know somehow the roofing material for 1 of the 3 sections of our roof was delivered a couple of inches short of what was necessary, our contractor quickly identified this could have been resolved with less than 20 feet of flashing. We would have settled for flashing the leading edge of our roof and leaving the sides and back without (as we had removed them as a cost savings measure during the planning process) but you would have none of that, your reply was immediate and unequivocal, “If we are going to flash it we will flash the whole thing,” perhaps not necessary but the professional thing to do and it left us with a complete finished product. Aaron from your office and I started immediately to try and source the 2 flashings necessary locally so our build could continue without delay, unfortunately it simply was not available at any of the 4 local suppliers. Aaron immediately involved your roofing supplier who manufactured the material the same day in their Vancouver facility, the next day we meet a Semi truck on the highway with our 12 pieces of flashing strapped to an otherwise empty trailer and construction went on without missing a beat. In my business we often talk about the true test of how we recover from adversity and mistakes, you made what could have been a major stumbling block disappear in a hear beat. You guys are GOOD!

It’s not every day we spend the kind of money it costs to build our cabin and most likely we will never build another, you made both of these potentially stressful experiences seamless and worry free. I frankly don’t understand why anyone would build any other way.

We are your raving fans and will retell the story of our Pacific Homes build with glee for many years to come. Thanks for everything.

Jennifer & Ron PaulsSheridan Lake, British Columbia, Canada