Maintaining Your Pacific Home

10 Tip Guide For Maintaining Your New Pacific Home

Designing and building your dream home is exciting and rewarding! You’ve completed your new home build and it is perfect for your lifestyle and your family needs. Whether it’s your primary residence or small cottage there are periodic maintenance checks that are necessary for prevention to keep small issues from… Read More

Building A prefab home in California

Building A Prefab Home in California

Building A Prefab Home in California California Fire Rebuilds Since 1980, we have been working with clients to design, engineer, and build sustainable, energy-efficient homes in the state of California. Our dedicated team of professionals can help guide you through the home design, build process, and work with and your… Read More

Building in the winter

Building in the winter! Are you crazy?

  Building In the Winter. Are You Crazy?  The most often asked question we get at this time of year is, “is it possible to build in the winter?” The answer is always a resounding… YES! You can build in the winter and in fact, it may be more advantageous… Read More

Passive House

What is a Passive House Exactly?

What is a Passive House Exactly? Passive House is a high-performance based building standard that was developed in Europe. It focuses on reducing or eliminating the need for an active heating or cooling system to maintain a comfortable interior climate. This is achieved through an efficient design that utilizes passive… Read More

A Guide For Home Building In A Remote Location

A Guide To Home Building In A Remote Location: There are many things you consider when deciding to build your dream home, cottage, or auxiliary dwelling unit in a remote location. Building in a remote location can be more challenging than a traditional home build on a city lot with… Read More

Top 5 Home Building Trends Of This Year

  Are you planning to build your dream home? Here are our Top 5 Home Building Trends and practices that we have seen working with our clients this year.  Whether you are building a new home or just doing renovations, these building trends can provide you with some inspiration for… Read More

Creating Curb Appeal For Your New Home

When considering how the exterior of your future home will look, most people immediately think that colour choice is the most important thing to consider. While colour is absolutely crucial for giving your home the feel you want, there are a multitude of other factors to consider such as styles… Read More

5 Misconceptions About Prefabricated Homes

5 Misconceptions About Prefabricated Homes

  Similar to how prefabricated trusses became the expected standard throughout the industry over the last 50 years, the same transition is slowly happening with prefabricated homes. Customers are recognizing the many advantages to building custom, panelized prefab homes in comparison to traditional stick-frame methods. Despite this, there are still… Read More