The Smart Way to be Thermally Efficient

Here is another reason why the Pacific SmartWall TM system is a beneficial asset to your home. A new Pacific Home just completed on Vancouver Island was built using the Pacific SmartWall TM system and it was tested for thermal efficiency. An EnerGuide 80 test using the Hot2000 program through Natural… Read More

Welcome to the Family!

Pacific Homes is delighted to introduce a new member to the Pacific Group. Nick Horscroft, one of our Home Package Coordinators, and his wife Jaclyn, welcomed a baby girl into their family! She is their second child, named Lily Ann Horscroft, and is a healthy 7 pound and 11 ounces baby girl. Congratulations… Read More

Supporting Jeneece

Victoria has a new mission to support families of children who have to travel for medical services at Victoria General Hospital. A project of the Queen Alexandra Foundation, Jeneece Place is a home-away-from-home for children and their families. Jeneece Place will be a two-minute walk from Victoria General Hospital. As… Read More

No Matter How Remote, We Get The Job Done!

A recent project took us to McKelvey Island in Northern B.C., at the end of Stuart Lake. We designed, built and shipped the materials for the cabin from our factory to McKelvey Island. When building in other remote locations, we have used barges, ocean carriers, helicopters, trains and airplanes to… Read More

Beards to Come Off or Stay On?

What will it be Canucks? Will the Pacific Men finally be able to shave those beards tonight? The Pacific Men are eagerly anticipating a long-awaited victory. Let us hope for a Canuck cup and Clean faces! Let’s make all this hair worth it!

Look For Sustainable Products When Building With Wood

We found this interesting article that we’d like to share with you. “If you drive around any new subdivision being built in North America, I’m sure you’ll see a lot of wood. Most of our houses are framed, structured and sheathed with wood. And it shows up in windows and… Read More