Green Building vs Sustainability

I wanted to share this great article about green building vs sustainability, and how these terms are better used in our industry. We in the construction and design industry are currently going through a greenwash, a saturation of sustainability. In fact, we may be creating it. This public sense of… Read More

A new modern home. We did in prefab!

“It’s an overcast day in February outside a new grey house in Fernwood that stands at the top of a broad, inclined driveway. But there’s nothing dull or dreary about this contemporary home recently built by Chris and Jenny Marshall. It’s as sophisticated and tailored as an Armani suit, and… Read More

Wood and Human Health

We’d like to share an article from BC Wood’s newsletter about the health benefits of wood.   BC Wood: – As the health benefits of wood become better understood, there is the potential to increase the specification of wood in hospitals, schools, and offices in Canada.  A recent FPInnovations / UBC… Read More

Comparing Apples to Apples or Apples to Oranges?

When shopping for any product or service, whether it’s something as small as a trinket or as large as a house, consumers will always investigate and compare!  It’s natural and we encourage our potential clients to do so when making their new home purchase. It would be easy to compare… Read More

Prefabricated vs. Stick Frame

The question often is, “Is pre-fabricated or panelized construction time saving and cost effective in comparison to stick frame construction?”  Forintek, a division of FP Innovations says, “YES!”  They’ve constructed two identical projects, side by side.  One built using panelized and the other built using stick frame.  Their goal was… Read More

Wood In Living Environment Reduces Stress

Stress, unfortunately, is a part of our lives and any information we can get to help us reduce that stress is valuable.  I recently discovered an article by FPInnovations (Canada’s Wood Products Research Institute) regarding the effects of wood on our stress levels and how incorporating wood into our living spaces… Read More

What is a Passive Home?

A Passive Home, or Passivhaus in German, is a home built to such exacting standards of energy conservation that it requires little to no conventional heating or cooling system. The term Passivhaus refers to a rigorous voluntary low energy standard for all types of buildings. Unlike other ‘green’ or low… Read More