The Story of Eagle Rock

This ongoing story follows our customers and their adventures in building their new Pacific Home in Quarry Bay, BC. They’re continuously updating with new photos and tales, so feel free to subscribe (RSS Feed) to their blog to keep up to date. “Once upon a time, October 2010 exactly, we were… Read More

Pacific Homes Turns 30!

1982 marked the year when the Canada Constitution Act was passed, Michael Jackson’s Thriller was released, and Pacific Homes was born! Already successful with Pacific Builders’ Supplies and Pacific Truss, the McKinnon Family saw an opportunity in factory built homes. Pacific then started manufacturing custom pre-fabricated homes and cottages to… Read More

Savary Island, BC

Pacific Homes makes it to Savary Island, BC with a 1673 sqft cottage. This package was barged and then helicopter flown onto the site May 1, 2012 and construction has been completed to a DRY LOCKUP stage by Brian Dearden and his son Curtis. The customers really love their new… Read More

Aerial of Pacific Homes & Truss

An updated aerial of our operations in Cobble Hill, BC! Hover over the image for details. Image Rollover Effect

Ken McKinnon Honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award!

Retired owner of Pacific Builders’ Supplies, Ken McKinnon, was awarded the Lifetime Achiever Award at the Black Tie Awards 2012 this past Saturday.  Ken has been a highly influential contributor and supporter of our community and this award is certainly well deserved!   Press Release & Biography: March 6, 2012:… Read More

Garden Suites & Lane Houses

Via SOS Design – City of Victoria has developed a policy to allow Garden Suites on properties of Single Family Homes. SOS Design has developed a Garden Suite that is in compliance with the intent of the bylaws. This 37m² (400 ft²) one bedroom suite is available as pre-fabricated packages from… Read More

Wooden 30-Storey Tall High-Rise in Vancouver

Article via CNN – Instead of concrete jungles could our cities become urban forests of wooden skyscrapers? Swapping cement and steel for timber is the vision of a number of environmentally-minded architects who are planning high-rise buildings across the world. Architect Michael Green has plans for a 30-story wooden skyscraper… Read More