Working at Pacific Homes

Here at Pacific Homes, we aspire to create a positive working environment for all employees. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, as well as providing our employees with the best environment so they can perform at their highest abilities. 

We think creatively to provide our employees with activities and benefits that help them create a healthy relationship with work. Whether that means freezies on a hot day, or a gift card for a birthday, we love having the opportunities to brighten our employees’ day.  

At Pacific Homes, we like to reward people that go above and beyond for our company. Every month, we host a House Awards that allows people within the company to vote for individuals who have made a great contribution to our community and the success of the company. Two names are then drawn, and those two individuals are rewarded with gift cards of their choice as a prize!  

‘House Awards’ is an acronym for all the different characteristics an award winner should display. ‘HOUSE’ stands for Honest, Outstanding, Unique, Super Employee. “AWARD” is what a winner should show as they make a positive impact in some way beyond their daily routine. 

Awarded for going above and beyond 

Work standards 

Assisting others 


Dedicated customer service 

Safety excellence 

We believe that employees deserve to be noticed, acknowledged, and thanked when they go the extra mile to help our company thrive. We are proud to honour our employees and always look forward to the last Friday of the month to do so. 

On occasion, we also like to hold larger events to celebrate different accomplishments like 60 years of Pacific Homes, or significant statutory holidays! Bringing our company together helps everyone stay positive, leading to a happier and more productive working environment. 

If you are interested in joining our team, visit our CAREER OPPORTUNITIES page, We look forward to hearing from you!