Tips for Settling into your New Custom Home

Tips For Settling Into Your New Custom Home

There are many emotions and changes that come with moving into a new custom home. Whether your lot is in a neighbourhood that you may be unfamiliar with, or you don’t quite have all the essentials you need for your new home, it is important to do whatever is needed to help you settle into your new space! 

It’s crucial that your new custom home feels like home. There are many things you can do to help yourself get there. Let’s dive into a few tips for how to settle into your new custom home! 


Tip #1

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Familiarizing yourself with your neighbourhood and its assets before moving into your new home is very worthwhile. There might be a park nearby where you can take your kids, or trails that you can explore on your morning jog. Assets like these can be the reason why people choose to buy a lot. It’s also important to be social in your new neighbourhood and meet new people to feel connected. A large sense of home may be the connections you had with old neighbours, so try and socialize with those around you to build similar connections and friendships! 


Tip #2

Making your decorative vison a reality is something that is very exciting, and allows you to fully utilize your custom home to make it feel like your own! Although leaving an old house may be sad, getting to decorate a personally customized house is what many people dream of! Colour coordination, funky designs, and furniture choices can make the process of settling into a new home an even more exciting experience. 


Tip #3

Throughout the process of designing and decorating your new custom home, one important aspect to keep in mind is designing around and utilizing items from your past home. Examples of these may be certain decorations like picture frames or family photo canvases, or it could be your favourite comfy couch that sits right in front of the television. Furniture and personal household items make your new custom home feel much more homey and familiar.  


Tip #4

One of the most important ways to make your new house feel homey is to ensure that all needed safety precautions are put into place. This means making sure you customized your house safely, so no kids get hurt, and you make sure that all locks and alarms have been tested and work properly. One benefit of working with Pacific Homes is that you can be confident in your home’s ability to handle the weather. Here is a blog post we wrote last year that lays out how Pacific Homes can help protect against wildfires and earthquakes. Making sure the entire family feels comfortable in your new home leads to a happy and healthy environment! 



Pacific Homes offers a wide selection of home plans for you to choose from. We also allow you to fully customize your dream home into whatever that may be. Check out our inspirational home plans here