Garden Suites & Auxiliary Dwelling Units gaining popularity.

At one time, multi-generational living was the norm rather than the exception in family homesteads. The emerging popularity of ‘garden suites’ or auxiliary dwelling units is initiating a return to this type of living arrangement all over North America, and on the west coast in states such as Washington, Oregon, California, and Hawaii there is a huge demand. Locally in the city of Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island we are beginning to see the same demand.

As of late last year, Garden Suites could soon be permitted in all of Victoria’s single-family residential areas. In January, councillors decided to remove the requirement that a homeowner wanting to build a garden suite (also known as a carriage house or laneway house) must undergo a rezoning. The development permit approvals will be done by staff, meaning homeowners may soon be able to apply to build a garden suite without the need to go before Council or rezone their properties. This ultimately means it could be much easier to add a garden suite to your property.

A garden suite is defined as a self-contained dwelling on an existing homestead, usually possessing a bedroom, private bathroom, kitchen and living room. It preserves the privacy and autonomy of all residents involved, while also fostering a caring and supportive living environment.

5 reasons you should be adding a Garden Suite to your property:

  1. Income Property

A garden suite is an excellent source of supplemental income. This extra income can then be used to help pay off a mortgage or added to your investments or savings. To make even more money you could always consider moving into the Garden Suite yourself and renting out the principle residence. Not interested in having a full-time tenant? You can rent it out as an or start up a Bed & Breakfast. This way you are in control of when someone is occupying this extra space of yours.

  1. Aging Parents

A garden suite promotes independent living and can be an excellent option for your aging parents. The high price of retirement homes often makes it an unviable option for many families. A garden suite allows aging individuals to maintain their independence, while also receiving the help they need from their families who reside in the principal dwelling. Let’s just remember our parents looked after many of us in those painful teenage years. Maybe it’s time we look after them!

  1. High Cost of Living

The unpredictable job market and the high cost of living can make it extremely difficult for college grads or newlyweds to establish themselves financially and get on their feet. A garden suite may be the perfect transition spot for your child to feel independent while saving the money they need to get a place of their own. Whether you let your child stay for free or charge nominal rent, it may just be the leg up they need to get ahead financially.

  1. Do You  Need A Bit More Space?

Adding a garden suite can be the easy and simple way to add living space to your home and enhance the resale value of your property. How about creating that “man cave” you always wanted but never had the space to make it happen? Often it is cheaper to create a new building than adding on your existing home. Working with Pacific Homes and our streamlined home building process makes it even easier for you.

  1. Need A Space To Work From Home?

A garden suite is a perfect solution if you are looking to build a home office or hobby space at your current residence. The fact that a garden suite is a separate building from your principle residence will increase productivity and decrease interruptions while you work. A garden suite may be a perfect opportunity to get away from your household chores and keep you focused. Maybe you can even design it so you bring the outdoors inside. Every office worker loves the thought of working in the fresh air.

If you are looking for a little inspiration: Check our SOS Garden Suite:

Victoria, BC Garden Suite Video