Wait, what? Build in the winter?

YES! You can build in the winter and in fact it may be more advantageous to build now vs. building in the busier spring/summer months.

In Canada we tend to think in terms of a distinct “building season.” Whether it’s the incredibly cold temperatures in the East or the rain out West, most Canadians write off the winter and plan to build in the spring or summer.  This means a number of things: competition to find good contractors and available trades people, potential hold ups in planning departments, even issues getting materials. As well the increased stress of trying to rush things might mean decisions are made about your project you later regret.

Advantages to building in the winter

  1. Faster Permit Process

The permitting process at your local building authority office is typically faster in the winter.

  1. Reduce your Mortgage Carrying Time

If you have a mortgage on the land you will have less carrying time by starting sooner than later.

  1. Your Choice of Tradesmen and Contractors

You will have an easier time finding qualified contractors and sub-contractors because of the slower building season. You may even be able to get better pricing during this time.

  1. More Time to Plan and Less Need to Rush

Winter is most likely the ideal time for custom home building as everyone’s schedules including your own are not as tight as they are in the summer and your contractors can meet your building schedule vs. juggling several jobs at once.

  1. Enjoy the Summer

Your new home and landscaping will be ready for your summer enjoyment, rather than using up summer time to build.


Additional Advantages to building in the winter with Pacific Homes

  1. Protection Against the Winter Elements

We build in a climate controlled factory so your building components have very little to no exposure to the weather.  In addition, instead of weeks or possibly months until you are clad to the weather on-site, with a Pacific Homes package your house is typically locked up in 4-10 days further protecting your wood frame structure from the elements.

  1. Save Energy

Our pre-insulated Pacific SmartWall® panels will not only aid in a faster build, they are highly energy efficient! This means less energy is required to heat the house during the rest of the building process. Our winter building customers and their contractors have told us they couldn’t believe the +10°C to +15°C (50°F to 59°F) temperature inside the house when they were building in the -20°C to -30°C (-4°F to -22°F) weather.

  1. Faster Delivery

Same as for contractors and sub-trades, a Pacific Homes package lead time is less during the winter months. Your premium quality home is shipped to you sooner than if ordered in the spring/summer.

  1. More relaxing, less stressing

Move into your home faster! A Pacific Home comes in a complete package; everything you need is shipped direct to site – at your convenience with a guaranteed package price minimizing costly overruns while providing shorter build times, fewer labour requirements, reduced materials waste and long term energy savings.


Why wait until spring?  Contact us right now to get started on your building project! Bring a plan to us or we can design a custom plan for you. Then Pacific Homes works to make your vision a reality. At no extra cost.