When shopping for any product or service, whether it’s something as small as a trinket or as large as a house, consumers will always investigate and compare!  It’s natural and we encourage our potential clients to do so when making their new home purchase.

It would be easy to compare ourselves to a specific similar company, but I find that practice rather tacky to say the least!  We pride ourselves on quality and integrity; we compare ourselves to the broad category of ‘New Home Construction’ and how we can keep improving The Pacific Homes Advantage for our customers.

At Pacific Homes we’re comparing Apples to Oranges: The Pacific Homes Advantage is unmatched by any other.


The Pacific Homes Advantage:

Quality custom homes delivered on time and on budget – that’s the Pacific Homes guarantee! Every Pacific Homes package includes the highest quality lumber and building materials available.

And no other home has the exclusive Pacific SmartWall® System. Peace of mind, less stress and financial certainty – at Pacific Homes we always deliver!

  • Cost savings: guaranteed package price minimizing costly overruns, shorter build time, less labour, less materials waste, and long term energy savings
  • Major components of home built in climate controlled environment with premium grade of lumber: less warping, splitting, shrinking, drywall cracks, nail popping, or mold related issues in your finished home
  • Quality control: Floor, Wall and Truss components use integrated computer assisted 3D Design Software to identify potential design flaws that can be dealt with BEFORE construction begins
  • State of the art computerized equipment in manufacturing: outstanding quality control
  • Exclusive Pacific SmartWall® system – superior energy efficiency; 26.5% more effective R-value as well as better noise reduction and air quality
  • Fewer delays due to sub trades and weather resulting in faster move in date and less stress
  • Features the latest building materials and technologies in the industry. Eco-friendly and built green
  • Pacific Homes’ philosophy is simple – we can build anything! Bring a plan to us or we can design a custom plan for you. Then Pacific Homes works to make your vision a reality. At no extra cost.
  • Banks prefer the security of our building system and our guaranteed pricing
  • Outstanding customer service: from start to finish
  • Premium quality homes in one complete package – shipped anywhere!