Building a home in the winter is a great idea… with Pacific Homes!

In Canada we tend to think in terms of a distinct ‘building season.’ Whether it’s the incredibly cold temperatures in the East or the rain out West, most Canadians write off the winter and plan to build in the spring or summer.  This means a number of things:  competition to find good contractors and available trades people, potential hold ups in planning departments, even issues getting materials. And the increased stress of trying to rush things might mean decisions are made about your project you later regret. 

On the West Coast home owner builders’ main concern is the rain and the potential damage moisture can do. Soggy OSB, mold – we’ve all heard the horror stories. A Pacific Home avoids these problems. Key components are prefabricated in our state of the art, indoor, production facility. Our Pacific SmartWallsTM are pre-built and insulated with expanded polystyrene, which can’t absorb moisture. Floors are pre cut and trusses prefabricated. Pacific Homes’ can be brought to ‘lock up’ stage in a matter of days!  Even if it’s raining your home won’t be exposed long enough for any harm done, as long as you see things through. Pacific Homes also uses cutting edge materials, such as Bluwood and PinkWood products, specifically designed to resist the effects of moisture, mold and even fire.

Suddenly there are advantages to a winter build: more time to plan and less need to rush, your choice of tradesman and contractors. The simple fact your new home will be ready for summer, rather than using your summer up to build. All this is possible with Pacific Homes.

A Pacific Home comes in a complete package; everything you need is shipped direct to site – at your convenience. We use high end products and materials and our homes are governed by the same building codes as any other residential house.

If you are thinking of building browse through our site or give us a call today. We are always happy to tour people through our facility and demonstrate why a Pacific Home is always the smarter way to build.