Here is another reason why the Pacific SmartWall TM system is a beneficial asset to your home. A new Pacific Home just completed on Vancouver Island was built using the Pacific SmartWall TM system and it was tested for thermal efficiency. An EnerGuide 80 test using the Hot2000 program through Natural Resource Canada has determined an EG-86 rating for the new Pacific Home. What does an 86 rating mean? The higher the rating the less air leakage you have in your home.  Air leakage translates into heat loss which creates higher heating costs. This is an excellent rating compared to most homes which typically result in the low to mid 70’s rating using conventional wall building methods. Contact us today for more information and see why the Pacific SmartWall TM system will help you exceed the EG-80 code of which the BC government wants to implement in the new Building Code of 2012.