A recent project took us to McKelvey Island in Northern B.C., at the end of Stuart Lake. We designed, built and shipped the materials for the cabin from our factory to McKelvey Island. When building in other remote locations, we have used barges, ocean carriers, helicopters, trains and airplanes to deliver material. However, the McKelvey Island delivery required a landing craft. The job consisted of one delivery for the entire package to Fort St. James and multiple landing craft deliveries from Fort St. James to the Island. Positioned at the edge of the lake atop a small hill, the cabin overlooked a scenic view of mountainous landscape and tranquil waters. The material needed was pre-built to lock up in only 5 days! With a set price to these types of builds there is no concern over additional costs. Engineered meticulously Pacific Homes are economical, easy to construct and are built to highest quality standards. There isn’t a home that we can’t build anywhere!

McKelvey Island, BC