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“If you drive around any new subdivision being built in North America, I’m sure you’ll see a lot of wood. Most of our houses are framed, structured and sheathed with wood. And it shows up in windows and doors, exterior siding and interior finishes, such as flooring, trim and cabinets.

Standard house construction methods develop as a result of what products are most available in the area. And in North America, wood has always been plentiful and easily accessible, so it makes practical sense to use it. Over 95 per cent of the softwood used in residential construction is grown here in North America.

You want to make sure that any wood products used in your home — from framing to finishing — come from sustainable sources and is certified by a third party. There are several different systems of certification, all of which exist to ensure that the wood consumers are buying is grown and harvested in the most responsible way possible.”

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