Good-Natured Trees

Article Via Wood Industry – GOOD-NATURED TREES My 91-year-old mother, who doesn’t know where she lives or if she’s had breakfast yet, is enthralled by trees. When we go for walks, she stops and gazes up at them in joyous wonder. I asked her what it was about trees that caught her attention… Read More

Choosing the Perfect Floor Plan

For You, Your Family, and Your Lifestyle. The layout of your home is probably one of the most significant choices you will ever make regarding your new home build. Regardless if you are looking at building a small cottage, large house or renovating your condominium, the layout of the rooms and how… Read More

Why Build with Wood? Building Green

Building green, using wood! The choice of design, construction and products used to build your home has a major impact on the world’s environment. Building Green and thoughtful designs can make structures more efficient and reduce their affects on the environment and human health throughout its lifetime. Green buildings are… Read More

How We Can Help With GREEN Building

When conversing with customers on their new home builds I will often receive the comment, “We would like to build our new home utilizing GREEN building methods as much as possible.” My answer is always, “Yes! Pacific Homes can definitely contribute to a GREEN home build. So how can Pacific Homes… Read More


I wanted to recap and touch on a few areas related to our construction industry after attending: Building Smart #22 presented by the Home Owner Protection Office, Branch of BC Housing (Presenter – Murray Frank of Constructive Home Solutions Inc.). Murray was a great speaker and kept everyone engaged and smiling… Read More

Pacific SmartWall®, cost-saving and healthy

Our Pacific SmartWall® technologies far out performs conventional framing, that is, according to third party testing done by BCIT. Our innovative Pacific SmartWall® design reduces the thermal bridging effect of the studs; testing showed that the stud R-value in a Pacific SmartWall® is improved by 112.3%. Additionally, laboratory air leakage… Read More

Understanding Effective R-Value

The December 19, 2014 update to the B.C. Building Code included a variety of changes aimed at improving the comfort and efficiency of new homes in British Columbia.  Key changes include a new Section of the Code (9.36: Energy Efficiency) that introduces new requirements for effective R-Value insulation levels. The Code now… Read More

“Yeah, but stick framing is cheaper.” …or is it!

If I had a dollar for every time I heard, “Yeah, but the other contractor is telling us stick framing is cheaper and they can do exactly the same thing that Pacific Homes does,” I would be long retired and living in the Bahamas. I have heard this same thing… Read More